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Rat Terriers

Aliases: American Rat Terrier, Ratting Terrier, Feist, Decker Giant

Rat Terrier For Sale

The Differences between Male and Female Rat Terriers

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Tags: Rat Terrier, Behavior

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A Rat Terrier is often known by other names, depending on its origin, size and use; or to be more precise: Feist, Decker Giant and Ratting Terrier. In dog registries however, the Rat Terrier is officially named American Rat Terrier.

When it comes to conformation and temperament, the male and female species of Rat Terriers do not differ much. But some behaviors are governed by the hormones that dictate gender. So here are a few of the more glaring discrepancies between male and female Rat Terriers.

Male Rat Terriers can be called boys, bulls, males, and sires. The males tend to be more outgoing and more physically affectionate. They are more exuberant in nature and have the tendency to jump on its human companions. They are also prone to "clowning" around and prefer more physically challenging games. Accordingly, male Rat Terriers also seem to be emotionally stable and less likely to react badly to stress or loss.

On the other hand, male Rat Terriers also retain their need to establish dominance in the pack and if this pack includes its human companions, then it can be problematic. Training your pet Rat Terrier should begin by making sure it knows that you are the dominant one, and that your word is law. This will not stop your pet Rat Terrier from trying out the extent or boundaries of your dominance, though. So prepare yourself for a long battle ahead.

Male Rat Terriers are also territorial markers and tend to leave urine scent trails on just about everything - from your lawn ornament to the legs of your upright barbecue grill. In the long run, this will provide your home that lingering dog scent that cannot be removed by any detergent or cleaning agent.

Some male Rat Terriers will also enthusiastically (for lack of a better term) hump anything it can get hold of. They can embarrass the living daylights out of you when they start humping that stuffed bear or your neighbor's dog or even your leg. Plus, irritatingly, some male Rat Terriers tend to lick themselves in public.

Female Rat Terriers can be called bitches (yes, it is an accepted fact) girls, females, and dams. They can be affectionate in a less physical manner, and will often act "cat-like" like rubbing itself between your legs or climbing on your lap. They also do not need to establish dominance, and you won't have to worry about power struggles. They also tend to learn faster than males.

They can however, go against your wishes in a roundabout way. They will often be passively resistant, sweetly manipulative or emotionally detached. Female Rat Terriers are not as easy to distract in training as the males, but you will find that there are days that they do not seem to be cooperative at all. And yes, female Rat Terriers in heat can bring in a lot of trouble.

If you are into breeding, mother Rat Terriers are dangerous and will often become aggressive to anyone that comes near her babies. She may acknowledge your presence, and may accept food from you, but she will turn to snapping and biting should you try to pick up her babies.

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The Differences between Male and Female Rat Terriers
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