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Standard Schnauzers

Aliases: Mittelschnauzer

Standard Schnauzer For Sale

Duties of the Standard Schnauzer

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Tags: Standard Schnauzer, Behavior, Family Breeds, Guard Dog, Watchdogs

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The Standard Schnauzer is not a true guard dog but is often thought of that way. He sees it as his duty to alert his owner as to what is going on in and around the house. He will make sure his presence is always known and felt. He will make sure that an intruder or visitor knows what a Standard Schnauzer is all about. He takes his role in the family very seriously and anyone who should think otherwise should beware!

The Standard Schnauzer originally started out in Germany. He was used primarily by sheepherders to protect and drive the flocks. He would protect the flock from any marauding coyotes. He was bred to be a dog that would take charge and get the job done.

In Germany, the Standard Schnauzer was used as a working dog. His principal vocations were to be the rat catcher, yard dog and guard. They were used to herd the cattle and the sheep. Prior to World War I, the Standard Schnauzer was often found in the fresh air marketplace. They would be found protecting the farm produce carts after hours while the farmers rested or visited the tavern. The Standard Schnauzer was on guard duty.

The Standard Schnauzer is an alert, enthusiastic and dedicated worker. The Standard Schnauzer is naturally excited to be working. They have a deep inclination for work of any type and variety. Most Standard Schnauzer's will immediately show interest in any task you may ask of them, because they have a natural and inborn instinct to problem solve. Ultimately, they like puzzles and the challenge of solving them. The more challenging and complex the problem, the better for the Standard Schnauzer.

During World War I and World War II, the Standard Schnauzer was given the opportunity to work for the army. They were used exclusively as dispatch carriers and as aides for the Red Cross.

He has been utilized in Germany ever since for police work. He has become the first dog of choice for this type of work in Germany. They are considered to be highly trainable in this field and have a natural instinct that this work requires.

The Standard Schnauzer makes an excellent babysitter in the right situation and family. They are often referred to as "Kinder Watcher's". They should be supervised with very small children, as they may try to herd them along and may nip at them to get them to go where they want. Otherwise, they will be excellent with the children and will assume the role of guardian in every sense of the word. This is the job they enjoy the most as they are able to express their adoration and devotion to your family. They are dedicated and loyal to their pack. They will defend you to the death if necessary without regard for themselves. The protection of the family is the most important job.

A Standard Schnauzer is a dog with a strong work ethic. He will get the job done and will be happy to do so.

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Duties of the Standard Schnauzer
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