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Standard Schnauzers

Aliases: Mittelschnauzer

Standard Schnauzer For Sale

The Distinct Features of a Standard Schnauzer

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Tags: Standard Schnauzer, AKC Conformation, Coat And Colors

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The prominent, if not only coloring for the Standard Schnauzer is Pepper and Salty grey, or solid black. If a Standard Schnauzer would stand still long enough, one might think they were looking at a statue of granite or obsidian. But alas, the energy of the Standard Schnauzer simply will not allow it to stay quiet for long.

Rarely will you find a Standard Schnauzer with any other color of hair. Their coat will be a tight and wiry thick weave. Yet their undercoat has a soft texture. The wiry coat doesn't shed much, however it should be trimmed and clipped on a regular basis. The signature moustache or beard and eyebrows should be left at its natural length with minimal trimming to prevent matting.

A Standard Schnauzer carries a stocky, muscular body on a frame of strong bones. At the shoulders a Standard Schnauzer should measure 18 1/2 inches high. The average weight should be between 35-50 pounds. The head if the Standard Schnauzer is broad. It has a long and tapering walrousy snout for a nose and mouth.

The standard Schnauzer has had until recently, a signature or distinguished look with their tails being cut or docked. The docking of the Standard Schnauzer tail usually occurs within the first 72 hours of its birth. At the same time a Standard Schnauzer's ears are cropped.

At birth, a Standard Schnauzer's body hasn't fully developed. Its nervous system is one that doesn't fully develop until several days to a couple of weeks after birth.

The procedures of docking and cropping should be administered by a licensed veterinarian. Several countries including Australia, England, Scotland, Wales and others have banned this practice. The AKC will no longer deduct points in shows if the Standard Schnauzer does not have its tail docked and ears cropped.

There is a distinct feature of the Standard Schnauzer that you will notice right away. It is not a physical feature, but a feature from within. The Standard Schnauzer has a faithful and loyal personality. They are full of energy and attitude. They are true comedians and will seek to make you laugh through their different antics.

The Standard Schnauzer is a true and independent thinker. He is a great problem solver and is very good at figuring things out. He loves a puzzle and will get into more trouble trying to find or solve a puzzle than you could possibly imagine. He is definitely a case of a wandering mind getting him into trouble. He needs direction and opportunity to express himself. He will need to exercise his mind in a constructive manner and his body in a physical manner. Without these opportunities being provided, he will seek them out on his own and you may not be pleased with the results. With firm direction and guidance, he will be a pleasure to you with both heart and soul. He will be a devoted friend and lifelong companion that you will wonder what you did without before he came into your life.

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The Distinct Features of a Standard Schnauzer
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