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Standard Schnauzers

Aliases: Mittelschnauzer

Standard Schnauzer For Sale

The Life and Times of the Standard Schnauzer

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Tags: Standard Schnauzer, Family Breeds, Temperament, Socialization, Police Dogs, Search and Rescue


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"Wanted: companion to run and romp. Must be energetic, likes to go out, yet stay in and cuddle. If you like organization, I'll try to keep it that way. But after a stressful day, I can't promise anything!"

Who would know that by crossing a black German Poodle and a gray Wolf Spitz would offer the world the Standard Schnauzer! This is a dog that lives its life to the fullest.

The Standard Schnauzer is a personal guard and companion dog that is unwavering in its devotion and bravery. Couple that with a built in radar and intuition of pending danger and you have a dog that anyone would be lucky to own!

The Standard Schnauzer makes a great companion dog that will travel well. If you are looking for a traveling companion, a Standard Schnauzer might fit the ticket. You should start at a young age with crate or carrier training. This will help out in times of confinement.

The Standard Schnauzer must be socialized into society, in order for it not to be "over protective" later in life. Allowing a Standard Schnauzer to be around people and other animals will help it understand who your friends are.

The Standard Schnauzer started as a watchdog and protector of the family. He is a faithful and loyal companion in a less than glorious role as family dog. He will often risk his own life in order to save yours. He will regard your safety as of greater importance than his own.

The Standard Schnauzer began his military career in World War I. He was used for dispatch purposes and to help the Red Cross in times of need. He was deemed an intelligent worker and was soon trained in the field of police work. He is still used in police agencies throughout Germany for his noble work.

He is used as a Search and Rescue dog in the United States and Canada. He has the gift of sniffing things out and is excellent for tracking down illegal drugs and bombs. He continues to serve and help his comrades in the local police and drug enforcement agencies. He is a hero in every sense of the word with a humility that belies his greatness.

He is now doing his part in the health field. He seems to have a gift for sniffing out cancer. Although this is not the most reliable method, he has been surprisingly accurate and has alerted a few owners of potential problems and saved their lives.
The Standard Schnauzer is a very spirited and bold dog. He is loyal and loving. He is the very essence of intelligence. In his temperament you will find an alert and reliable soul. He is composed and extremely watchful. He is a hard working dog that you can count on in more ways than one. If a Standard Schnauzer could sum up its life would he say, "Carpe Diem"? I think he would and he would deserve the stigma that this would place upon him.

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The Life and Times of the Standard Schnauzer
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