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Siberian Huskys

Aliases: Siberian husky, Sibe

Siberian Husky For Sale

Colors Of The Siberian Husky

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Tags: Siberian Husky, Coat And Colors

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Many people-even breeders and lovers of Siberian huskies-hold mistaken impressions in regards to what the "right" and acceptable colors of the Siberian Husky are; this is true of Siberian Husky coat colors as well as of Siberian Husky eye color. In this quick overview, you'll find out what the truth about Siberian Husky coat and eye color is, which may make choosing a Siberian Husky an easier task for you.

Coat Colors Of The Siberian Husky

Many people are under the impression that Siberian Huskies are either black and white or gray and white; often, these people will assume that a dog of any other color is either not a Siberian Husky or not a purebred Siberian Husky.

The truth is that Siberian Huskies can be of almost any color ranging from white to black. And within those colors, a number of patterns can emerge. Some of the common colors and patterns found in Siberian Huskies include

  • White, gray, black, red, and brown in various shades and combinations

  • White-the appearance of a full white coat; genetically, these dogs are another color which is "covered up" by the white gene

  • Saddleback-on the back (the saddle area) these dogs have black-tipped hairs; on the shoulders, haunches and head, these dogs may be white or red, which gives them an almost shepherd-look

  • Sable-Sable Siberians have a reddish or brown color throughout and have black noses

  • Light Red Siberians are a pale red, orange, or yellow with a white belly

  • Agouti refers to Siberians with a banded coat similar to a wild dog or some shepherds
    Copper colored Siberians are of a darker red or brown color with a white belly

  • Silver and white Siberian Huskies have a gray undercoat with a white overcoat

  • Grey Siberians have yellow undercoats topped by grey or beige overcoats

  • Wolf Grey dogs are gray with red in and above/behind the ears and atop the hocks

  • In addition, Siberian Huskies may be nearly all black with just a white stripe through the chest and belly. Other pattern variations include piebald and splash coat.

    Eye Colors Of Siberian Huskies

    Eye color varies in purebred Siberian Huskies, too. Eye color in Siberians includes

  • Blue

  • Brown

  • One eye of each color (one blue, one brown)

  • And eyes of blue or brown color that are flecked with the opposing color (blue speckled brown or brown speckled blue)

  • Purely, there is no one obvious description for the Siberian Husky. This dog is valued for its beauty in all it variations of coat and eye color and pattern, and loved for its excellent good nature.

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    Colors Of The Siberian Husky
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