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Socialization Key to Proper Training and Obedience

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Tags: Belgian Sheepdog, Socialization, Training, Obedience

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A Belgian Sheepdog is a very highly intelligent breed that requires interaction with people as well as both mental and physical stimulation. Their superior intelligence and need to please make them very easy to train, but because they sometimes try to act like they know more than their owners, it's important to know the proper training methods or to enroll them in professional training classes.

Because of the need for this breed to please, they can over-react to negative correction of behavior. As such, you should train this breed using a rewards system for good behavior rather than punishing negative behavior. As puppies, they require an enormous amount of socialization, so part of their training should include stimulation with people as well as activities to keep their minds and bodies active. Since they are so eager to please, training is a rather easy process, but it must also include activities to keep them active or they will create their own activities, something that may result in damage to your home.

Belgian Sheepdogs tend to be shadows, following their humans everywhere they go. This can be a positive thing because this need to be with their owners also means they are anxious to please. Of course, you also must remember the need for socialization during the training process requires much interaction with your dog, and though they are easy to train, they do not respond well to negativity, and should be trained using a rewards system for positive behavior rather than punishment for negative actions. This is likely due to their need to please, thus when you reprimand them, they know they have failed to please you and are unhappy with themselves. Positive reinforcement works much better with this breed than trying to punish them for failing to follow commands. Does that mean you will never need to punish them for bad deeds? Not necessarily, but if you provide the proper training and socialization activities, it is likely your Belgian Sheepdog will not do that which requires any type of punishment or scolding.

Unlike other dog breeds, the Belgian Sheepdog requires socialization and interaction with people as part of his training. These dogs need to be with their humans, and while in that capacity, they also need to have plenty of activities to keep them busy. They are happiest when they are involved in something in which they are greatly needed such as helping a blind or disabled human. They need to keep busy and are not happy to just laze around the house or perform repetitive tasks such as playing fetch for very long at a time. Your dog is easy to train in the art of obedience, but you have to remember that he also needs plenty of human interaction and constant activities to prevent him from becoming bored. During his training you will learn what activities best stimulate your Belgian Sheepdog so that you can continue with that when his training is complete.

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Socialization Key to Proper Training and Obedience
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