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The Pomeranian Profile and Appearance

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Akc/iccf Cane Corso



Elizabethtown , KY


A Pomeranian is delicately small, compact and cuddly in breed and appearance. This dog is the smallest among the five sizes of the German Spitz, and it displays a glamorous appearance and intelligent expression that makes it very appealing. A Pomeranian has two coats, namely the outer coat which is perfectly straight, long and glistening and stands away from the body, and an under coat which is soft and floppy like cotton candy.

This dog comes in a variety of colors, and only thirteen colors or color combinations are permissible and recognized. These include Black, Brown, Chocolate, Beaver, Red, Orange, Cream, Orange Sable, and Wolf Sable, Blue, White, Parti-color, and the combination of Black and Tan.

A typical Pomeranian stands around 8 to 11 inches tall and weighs between 2.2 and 6.6 lbs. The ideal weight is between 4.4 and 6.6 lbs. Pomeranian bitches weigh about 4.4 and 5.5 lbs. This dog has a well ribbed up and round body and is compact with a short and level back. Its fox-like head has a short, fine muzzle, slightly flat skull, and a wedge shaped head with a nose that is typically black, brown, or self-colored depending on the coat color.

The Pomeranian's lion-like neck is short and well set in and it is covered with a profuse mane and frill of long, perfectly straight hair that sweeps from his under jaw and covers his chest, shoulders and back. Its jaws are strong and its pointy, erect ears are small and triangular in shape. The Pomeranian's medium sized eyes are almond shaped and slightly oval. It has a tail that is set high and is of moderate length, sitting flat on its back to enhance the ball shape appearance of the body.

The Pomeranian's forequarters are made of shoulders which are laid well back and forelegs that are feathered and straight. The legs are medium in length in due proportion to a balanced frame. The feet are small and compact in shape, allowing it to stand well on its toes. The Pomeranian's hindquarters are well feathered down to the hocks. Considering its size, it has relatively strong bone structure, giving it the ability to move freely. This dog thinks larger than its size, making it all the more appealing to dog lovers.

The Pomeranian is a great family companion as it is docile, intelligent and devoted. It is a very good watch dog and loves to defend its home at all times. It doesn't fear bigger dogs and is very much active and alert. A Pomeranian is a type of dog which can be easily trained. It can be used as a hearing assistant, therapy dog, and rescue dog as it can work on search sites where a smaller dog is needed. The life span of this cute and cuddly dog is usually 12 to 15 years.

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The Pomeranian Profile and Appearance
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