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Sealyham Terriers

Aliases: Sealy

Sealyham Terrier For Sale

Myths about the Sealyham Terrier

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Tags: Sealyham Terrier, Weird Facts

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You will hear myths about every breed of dog, about its temperament and how it deals with humans and other animals. There are also popular myths that can be applied to almost all dogs in general, and one of them is that dogs and cats are natural born enemies. This is a myth because this does not hold true to all types of dogs and cats. There are really dogs and cats, no matter what the breed, that can live together quite peacefully, while there are others that really can't. Disproving this myth will boil down to understanding your cat and dog personally.

Another popular myth about dogs is that it will turn on its owner if fed raw meat. There is absolutely no truth in this and it could even be said that raw meat is good for dogs, which could be an occasional tasty treat. There are other dogs though that are quite possessive of the meat or bone given to them and you have to be on the look out for this. If your dog growls when you move the meat or bone that you gave it, let it know that its behavior is unacceptable and should be stopped, so the possessiveness could be curbed.

Now, if you have a Sealyham Terrier, then one myth you could encounter about it is its toughness that could be attributed to its being bred as a hunter, and it will attack its prey if it fights back. This myth about the Sealyham describes the dog as giving back pain if it is given pain. Now, this is not entirely true and could be averted given the proper care and training. If you don't subject your Sealyham to any abusive behavior, then this generally outgoing dog will never turn on you. In fact, it is one of the most affectionate dog breeds around, if you just treat it right.

Another myth about the Sealyham Terrier is that it is hard to train, but this can be dispelled by the most patient and consistent of trainers. There are those who say that because a Sealyham is strong willed and tough, teaching it something will just end up in frustration. This would not be the case if you use a light hand as well as a loving consistency in showing your Sealyham that you are the boss and your wish is command. In fact, this dog breed can even be trained for field and obedience competitions if you just apply the right technique.

There is a myth about the Sealyham Terrier that says that it could not live peacefully with other dogs, especially if they are of the same sex. While this may be true in some cases, most Sealyham Terriers can co-exist quite well with other dogs if they are oriented and socialized at an early age. While it is somehow better to have the Sealyham as the only pet, you can still make it get along well with your other pets.

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Myths about the Sealyham Terrier
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