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Sealyham Terriers

Aliases: Sealy

Sealyham Terrier For Sale

Sealyham Terriers as Good Dog Students

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Tags: Sealyham Terrier, Obedience, Temperament

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There are quite a number of dog breeds that are very challenging to train. This is because it is somehow an inherent trait of dogs to have a mind of their own and to be obstinate. If these dogs are given the free hand to become what they are supposed to be, then they will grow up to be unruly dogs that their owners can't control. However, as with every dog breed, a modicum of training can turn one bad dog to a good one. Of course, the best results can be achieved if the training of such type of dogs is started as early as possible. Even if a certain dog breed is said to be the most independent of all dog breeds, there is really no dog that can't be bent with the right kind of training at the right time.

The Sealyham Terrier is one breed of dog that is said to be difficult to train because of its innate stubbornness. There are many people who say that the tough attitude of this breed makes it quite frustrating to teach. Furthermore, the Sealyham is said to have the tendency to retaliate if you subject it to some kind of physical punishment, making it harder to train. However, there are many other people who believe that the even temper of a Sealyham as well as its calm and relaxed attitude could definitely make it a good dog student when it comes to training. Its obedience and inherent need to always please its owner are also attributes that can be used to great advantage when you are teaching it.

A Sealyham Terrier, depending on its trainer, could be trained quite easily on field testing. As it is quick to learn and it is very responsive to human contact, a Sealyham will do its best also if given early socialization as well as obedience training. This dog breed will enjoy doing agility exercises. It will also participate with great enthusiasm in earth dog activities. In teaching the Sealyham a thing or two, it is best to use food and praise as reinforcement during training. Jerking this dog around as well as punishing it physically will only bode greater ill, as it will rebel and show greater obstinacy. Even teasing will invariably create the same results. So, showing a Sealyham Terrier consistent authority will result in it respecting the decisions that you make. This demonstration of leadership is oftentimes considered of greater importance than advanced exercises on obedience.

If you will just use fair, consistent and firm direction at all times when dealing with a Sealyham Terrier, there is no reason that it won't be a good dog student. This goofball has a high level of intelligence and it is more than affectionate enough to respond to early training if you use the right technique. A Sealyham is very proud and it has an indomitable spirit; therefore, cowering is very rare in its nature. Even during disciplining, it will never be heartbroken and it will continue to plod on in resolute obstinacy. Your Sealyham Terrier's goodness as a student depends on you, so the results of its training is entirely in your hands.

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Sealyham Terriers as Good Dog Students
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