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Sealyham Terriers

Aliases: Sealy

Sealyham Terrier For Sale

The Likes and Dislikes of Sealyham Terriers

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Tags: Sealyham Terrier, Training, Obedience, Family Breeds

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Just like people, dogs also have their own likes and dislikes that owners must take note of. These preferences could somehow be seen as guidelines in taking care of a particular dog breed. If you are a new owner of a dog, then aside from knowing of your dog breed's temperament, you should also see to it that you know what it likes and what it does not like. This is if you want your life as a new dog owner to be convenient and fulfilling.

One of the notable differences among dog breeds that can be seen as their preferences or their peeves is the way they thrive on companionship. While there are dogs that absolutely live for the companionship that owners can give to them, there are also other dogs that are somehow aloof to your efforts to get close to them. If you don't know the likes and dislikes of your dog from the very start, you are off to a dismal beginning with your new pet. There are also dogs that are great with younger children and others that are better off with older children. If you somehow weren't able to get this information before getting your dog, then you would be putting the safety of your children in jeopardy. So, when getting a dog, it is very important to know its preferences at the very onset.

Now, if you intend to get a Sealyham Terrier as a pet, then you should know that this affectionate and playful dog is very fond of companionship. Because it has an outgoing personality, a Sealyham can get along well with your children or the other pets in your household. However, because of its small size, this dog breed could not tolerate any abusive behavior from a child, or from an adult for that matter, and it could very well get defensive if it is pushed to its limits. Because of this, it is best that you should think twice about owning a Sealyham until your child is old enough to be considerate of your dog as well as respect it.

As a hunting dog, the Sealyham Terrier is quite a tough breed. This makes it somehow not that receptive to training. Because it is known to have a mind of its own, it hates being dominated and it is very obstinate. You can counter this by showing your Sealyham that you are the boss and through consistent reminders, make it realize that you always mean everything that you say to it. A Sealyham will also not take kindly to being chastised physically, especially if it sees that you went beyond what it believes is the right way of correcting it. If this happens, it has the tendency to growl or snap and this is something that you should watch out for.

The good thing about a Sealyham Terrier is, if treated fairly, it is very much devoted to its owner. It also loves to play around and can be quite a goofball. So, if you have a Sealyham now, you would already know which area to tread and which to stay away from, judging from its inherent likes and dislikes.

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The Likes and Dislikes of Sealyham Terriers
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