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Field Spaniels

Aliases: Field, Bramast Glenmorhan

Field Spaniel For Sale

Stretching the Field Spaniel

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Tags: Field Spaniel, Show, Training

Akc Reg Female German Shepherd

Beautiful, smart, and loving female German Shepherd. Katie is 7 months old. This is heartbreaking to do, but best for her, as we have taken a 2nd job …


Russellville, KY

German Shepherd Dog

While there are people who are content to have a dog to cuddle, there are others who want to own dogs so they can show them off. Because of this, they subject their pets to intense training to enhance their innate skills and talents. One of the dog breeds that dog owners are proud to train is the Field Spaniel. The Field Spaniel is greatly admired as a beautiful and useful dog, and it has natural sporting instincts as well as tracking and hunting abilities which make it a very flexible dog.

A Field Spaniel is known for its intelligence, obedience and versatility, making it receptive to the rigorous training required to enhance its natural talents in areas such as tracking and hunting. Because it is very active and bright, it welcomes the physical training that it is subjected to. Although it can also be stubborn, which makes training it quite a challenge, a Field Spaniel can be easily trained through the use of methods that are positive and consistent.

So, if you want to stretch the limits of your Field Spaniel, then you have to be ready to train it at a correct age. If the training is done right, a Field Spaniel can excel in whatever you plan for it to do and be quite happy doing it. Just make sure you are always light-handed and upbeat in your training methods, so that it will obey all your commands. Being a sensitive dog, the Field Spaniel easily becomes withdrawn when maltreated. It also has the tendency to cringe if it is roughly handled.

A Field Spaniel is also known to enjoy showing what it has learned, making it quite an excellent choice if you want a show dog that is attractive and obedient. If you just have the right amount of patience and consistency in training it, you will surely have a winner in your Field Spaniel. As an owner, you will have to discover the talents of your Field Spaniel and decide which area you wish for it to excel in. It is important that you start training it when it is still a puppy, at least 8-12 weeks of age. However, you must take care not to over-train it; instead, try to make training as enjoyable as possible. This goes with showing your Field Spaniel as well; you must keep in mind not to go into extremes when putting it in the limelight.

Stretching the limits of your Field Spaniel's potential may be a good thing if you want to turn it into a winner. However, you have to remember that your dog has feelings too, and it can get tired and exhausted, just like you. No matter how much you wish to stretch your Field Spaniel, make sure that you also give it time to relax and be a dog. Try to respect the limitations of your Field Spaniel's performance and endurance, so that it will trust your handling and obey you more.

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Stretching the Field Spaniel
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