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Field Spaniels

Aliases: Field, Bramast Glenmorhan

Field Spaniel For Sale

The Field Spaniel: The Stubborn Hunting Dog

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Tags: Field Spaniel, Hunting Dog, Service Dogs, Training

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There are now many hunting dog breeds available for dog lovers to choose from, especially those who are also fond of the game. While there are hunting dogs that hunt by sight, there are others that hunt by smell. There are those dogs that are best at retrieving their quarries while others are good at pointing to where their quarries are. There are some that are better at being setter dogs, which crouch near their preys, so that they won't escape. There also dogs which possess all these abilities and much more, making them perfect hunting dogs. Among all these different types of dogs, there is one breed of dog that makes use of its keen nose and exceptional hunting instincts to track down its quarry, and this is the Field Spaniel. This breed is quite well known for its hunting and tracking abilities which are further enhanced by its agility.

Although no breeder has really done selective breeding when it comes to producing Field Spaniels for hunting, currently, this breed of dog still retains its natural instincts and abilities as a work dog and a gundog. It has a lineage that came from a breed that was designed to meet the qualifications needed by the people at that time, and one such requirement was hunting. The Field Spaniel breed is still capable of what its ancestors did in their days when hunting was part of the normal, everyday life. When subjected to early training, a Field Spaniel could still go through dense areas in acreages to sniff out birds such as quails, pheasants and chukars. This dog can easily retrieve its quarry with a soft mouth and bring it to its owner.

However, while a Field Spaniel might have the exceptional sense of smell to match its other hunting abilities, it can be rather challenging to train it for the enhancement of its abilities. The same independent trait that makes it a good hunting dog can also prove to be a stumbling block when it comes to training. This dog can be quite stubborn and it will only succumb to the wishes of its owner if the methods used are to its liking. Because of its intelligence and active nature, a Field Spaniel is prone to boredom and mischievousness, if it is not subjected to proper training.

The best thing to do to overcome a Field Spaniel's stubbornness, so it can become an excellent hunting dog, is to train it using methods that are positive and light-handed at the proper age. Many owners start training their Field Spaniels to become effective hunters when they are still puppies. If proper training at a correct age is done, this dog breed is sure to be a worker that scores high on your scoreboard as well as one that is happy with what it is doing.

Just keep in mind that you will never be able to train your Field Spaniel to be the best hunting dog if you have an abusive nature. Although you have to show your dog that you are the boss, it will respond to you more if you have a firm voice, instead of a harsh one. Remember that the best results out of training will always come from patience, respect and love.

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The Field Spaniel: The Stubborn Hunting Dog
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