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Aliases: Spitzkes, Spitskes, Spits

Schipperke For Sale

Devilishly Delightful names for the Schipperke

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Tags: Schipperke, Miscellaneous

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Often referred to as the Devil Dog because of their pointed ears and the mischievous gleam in their eye, the sweet but impish natured Schipperke often earns it nickname. The breed is highly intelligent and owners often marvel at the dog's ability to get in the middle of the most mind boggling of situations. Yet, even if a Schipperke raises the eyebrows or the voice of their owner, the breed is endearing and magnetic, with a charm that never allows owners to stay upset for any length of time. However, many owners do find it apt to give their dog a name that humorously describes their dog's personality.

Some examples of devilish names for the Schipperke can be:

  • Diablo- Spanish for devil

  • La Diabolita- female version of Diablo

  • Dante- a reference from Dante's Inferno

  • Villainova- a fun name using the word villain

  • Beowulf- character from the 8th century epic poem

  • Wolf/Wolfie- in reference to their pointed ears

  • Beelzebub- Hebrew name for devil

  • Mephistopheles-the demon in Faust

  • Grendl- another character in the poem Beowulf

  • Ogre- a mythical creature

  • Hades- the Greek underworld or the god of the Greek underworld

  • Abaddon- the Hebrew word for destruction
  • Vixen- a reference to their fox like looks
  • Apollyon- Greek word the destroyer

  • Ordog- a demonlike creature found in Hungarian culture

  • Lucifer- another name for the devil

  • Taz - a reference to the Tazmanian Devil, a popular cartoon character

  • Archfiend- ancient reference to the devil

  • Belial- the Hebrew word for wickedness

  • Asmodeus- an evil spirit found in Persian culture

  • Clootie- a reference to the cloven hoof in Scottish culture

  • Pluto- the Greek god of the underworld

  • Supay- an evil spirit, found in the Incan culture

  • Not all names have to be in reference to the dog's devil like features. The dog's black coat can also inspire names.

  • Daegan- Gaelic for black haired

  • Adham- Arabic for black

  • Colby- Anglo Saxon for from the dark village

  • Alva- Spanish for black

  • Ebony- English for dark wood

  • Jett- English for intense dark color

  • Balcundi- Australian Aboriginal for black

  • Corbin- French for Raven or black haired

  • Brenna- Irish for black

  • Kali- Sanskrit for the black one

  • Raven- English for dark haired

  • Lilith- Hebrew for woman of the night

  • Schwartz- German for black

  • Morris- Latin for dark skinned

  • Onyx- black stone

  • These fun names have been registered for the breed at one time or another:

  • Black Pearl

  • Blackberry

  • Blackhawk

  • Black Beauty

  • Black Jack

  • Black Bart

  • Black Magic

  • Black Shadow

  • Black Tie Affair

  • Black Bess

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    Devilishly Delightful names for the Schipperke
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