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Aliases: Peke, Lion dog

Pekingese For Sale

The Pekingese and Grooming

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Tags: Pekingese, Grooming

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The Pekingese is a small breed dog that many people think don't need a lot of grooming because they are kept indoors. They need the same grooming as any other dog. Their hair gets matted and tangled very easily if it is not brushed daily. They should not be shampooed too often, but can be dry shampooed on a regular basis. The more often you brush their hair, the less they will need to see a professional groomer for grooming. With regular grooming, they only need to see a groomer every three months or more.

If your Peke enjoys spending time outdoors, you may find that he gets his hair very dirty. It is very important that he be thoroughly brushed to remove any dirt or debris before it dries because once it has dried, it often gets matted and is very difficult to clean. If it can't be brushed out, he will need to see a groomer to have it cut off. When you brush your Pekingese, make sure to get the entire body including the front and back legs. The Pekingese has an overcoat as well as an undercoat. The undercoat has a tendency to shed and brushing will remove this shed hair before it ruins the outer coat. Many Pekes that are kept indoors are kept in a puppy cut, which is a very low-maintenance haircut, unlike the kind they would have in the show ring.

Many owners feel that brushing the dog is all that is needed for grooming. In addition to brushing, your Peke needs to have his face kept clean. The face and eyes should be washed daily with a soft wet cloth. It is important to dry them as soon as possible as they get cold very easily. The eyes need to be cleaned with special care to get any dirt out of the creases of the eye. You may need to snip or cut any stained hairs that grow around their eyes from watering, always being careful to not cut the dog.

Many Peke owners put a dog powder on the face to keep it dry. The Peke is often a very highly strung dog and may attempt to fight you when you are working on his face. You may need to hold the muzzle very firmly. When you are finished with the brushing, brush it up to make it look fuller and part the tail, letting the hair naturally fall over the back. When properly brushed, the Pekingese has a beautiful appearance.

The ears also need to be kept clean. With a cotton swab, you can gently wipe out any wax or dirt that may accumulate inside the ear. Never use a cotton swab in the ear as the eardrum can be easily damaged.

The feet and nails of the Peke also need to be groomed. Make sure there is nothing in between the toes that may cause the dog discomfort. The nails should be trimmed, making sure to not trim too close as to cause bleeding. If you are uncertain as to how to trim the nails, do not hesitate to take your Peke to a groomer or a vet to be trimmed.

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The Pekingese and Grooming
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