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Pekingese For Sale

The Pekingese and Housebreaking

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Tags: Pekingese, Training, Housebreaking

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Getting a new dog or puppy is a very exciting and fun experience for anyone lucky enough to own a dog. It entails a lot of responsibility and housebreaking is probably the least fun of these responsibilities. Many people think that housebreaking a Pekingese is easy because they are little dogs. They believe little dogs make little messes. While that part may be a fact, another fact is that the Pekingese, like many small dogs, are often more difficult to housebreak.

The experienced dog owner will know that one of the Pekingese's strongest characteristics is their stubbornness. They don't ever want to do something unless they think it's in their best interest to do so. Housebreaking is no exception. Although some dog owners or trainers do not believe in giving treats as good behavior, treats often work with the Pekingese as a way of having them realize they will get something out of successful housebreaking.

Housebreaking your Pekingese should begin as soon as you get him home as a young puppy. This is assuming you are getting him as a puppy. If not, he probably will already be housebroken. If he's not, you will have more work ahead of you.

Little puppies have to go to the bathroom often. When they wake up, they have to go. When they are done eating, they have to go. When they get excited, they have to go. The easiest way to housebreak them successfully is to train yourself to take him outside at all these times. Usually, they will go shortly after you take them outside. As soon as they go, praise them or give them a treat and bring them back inside. At this stage in their lives, they should associate going outside with going to the bathroom, not playing. If they don't go within a couple minutes of taking them outside, bring them back inside and wait a little while. If you see them sniffing around, this is usually a sign they need to go so take them outside immediately.

Many people use the method of crate training to housebreak their dog. This is usually the most effective way because dogs will usually not go to the toilet where they sleep. It is very important to realize that the Pekingese is a small dog and cannot hold it longer than an hour or two. Even as adults, they cannot hold it inside as long as other breeds of dogs.

Because they are stubborn by nature, you may have to force the issue regardless of how much they "argue" with you. Some Pekingese can get quite aggressive if you are expecting them to do something that they don't want to do such as putting them outside. They need to be shown that you are the alpha and eventually they will adjust.

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The Pekingese and Housebreaking
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