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Aliases: Peke, Lion dog

Pekingese For Sale

The Pekingese as a Family Pet

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Tags: Pekingese, Aggressive, Behavior, Training

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When choosing a family pet, there are many choices from which to pick. While many people like large dogs for protection, many people are still choosing small breeds such as the Pekingese or "The Peke".

The Pekingese is a small breed of dog in the toy family. It is important to realize and remember that even though they are small in size, they are every bit as much of a dog as a large dog - in some ways more. They are a loving and affectionate dog that loves to be cuddled and given lots of attention. They are, however, very stubborn and headstrong. It is very important to enroll them in basic obedience classes as soon as they are old enough to understand. If you are experienced in dog training, you may want to train them yourself with your own method of dog training. In either event, this needs to be done early in life to avoid the Peke feeling that he is in control. And they do like feeling in control.

The Peke is also a very jealous dog and does not easily get along with other dogs. If they are forced to co-exist with other dogs, it is very important that they be socialized as much as possible with supervision. In some cases, the Peke will never get along with the other dog unless they are related. Often though, with socialization and firm discipline, they do start to get along.

The Pekingese loves being the center of attention and will often try to run the show. This is their personality. If they don't want to do something, they will let you know. It is up to the owner to show them who is the boss. They will always try to be the boss. They are a one-person dog and will choose who that person is going to be. They often tend to get aggressive with other family members when being disciplined by them. They need to be shown immediately that this behavior is unacceptable.

The Pekingese has been referred to as an "ankle biter" or "yapper" as are many small toy breeds. Some of this can be eliminated with good training, but some of it is in their breed. It is also important to socialize your Peke with other people. Because they are such a jealous dog, they often tend to try to nip or growl at visitors that are taking your attention away from them.

If you have children in your family, they need to be taught the correct way to handle a dog, especially a small dog like the Pekingese. Children love to try to pick up dogs, especially small dogs, as if they are puppies. The Peke, however, does not like to be roughly handled by children and, in most cases, will growl or nip at them. There should always be close supervision in the home when children are near the Peke, or any dog for that matter. Eventually, the dog does learn to love the children, as they get older, when they are treated with the respect they feel they deserve. With consistency and good training, the Pekingese can make a wonderful family pet.

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The Pekingese as a Family Pet
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