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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Aliases: Toller, Little River Duck Dog, Yarmouth Toller

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever For Sale

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Around the World

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Breeders originally called the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever the Little River Duck Dog after its home in that district of Nova Scotia, Canada. It was not until nineteen forty-five that breeders changed the dog's name when the Canadian Kennel Club admitted the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever into its registry. Unfortunately, this breed's exact origin is unknown but there were dogs in the seventeenth century in Europe that resembled today's toller and they lured waterfowl and ducks into nets. It is difficult to know if today's toller originated from them or from a combination of dogs such as the Irish setter, Golden retriever, Chesapeake Bay retriever, and farm collie. The Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever has certainly gained popularity over the years with the Canadian Kennel Club officially admitting it in nineteen forty-five. On June 11, 2001, the American Kennel Club approved this breed for admission into the Miscellaneous Class and on July 1, 2003, they granted the toller full recognition in the Sporting Group.

In Britain, the Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers are a recent arrival. These intelligent, beautiful, good natured dogs are fast gaining admirers. Before this breed existed in Britain in the early nineteen-eighties, a major gundog show staged some stuffed toy dogs and, for some unknown reason, referred to these dogs as Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers. When they heard of this, it upset the Canadian dog fanciers trying to get their trolling retriever recognized. All forgotten today, the tolling retriever is gaining popularity in Britain.

While on holiday in Nova Scotia visiting her nephew, Geraldine Flack saw her first tolling retrievers. Back in Britain, she heard about an article written glorifying the tolling retriever's virtues and was very surprised when she found out that nobody had introduced this breed to Britain. She took it upon herself to be the first to do this by importing a female from Florida, a male from Yarmouth and leased a pregnant female which was returned to Canada after having her puppies. These were the foundation for the Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers in Britain today.

The Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever's versatility as an extremely intelligent hunting dog and beautiful companion dog has made it an extremely popular dog in Scandinavia over the recent years. The breed owes a debt to a dachshund breeder named Nette Wunsch. She read an article on the Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers and became intrigued with the breed. In the summer of nineteen eighty two in Denmark, the first two toller bitch puppies arrived. It did not take long before the breed's appeal and success grew with other Scandinavian countries rapidly recognizing this. Today, throughout the Nordic region, are excellent examples of the breed that do extremely well at all-breeds shows, often winning high honors.

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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Around the World
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