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Irish Water Spaniels

Aliases: IWS, Whiptail, Rat Tail Spaniel, Bog Dog, Shannon Tail

Irish Water Spaniel For Sale

Is the Irish Water Spaniel Good for People with Allergies?

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Tags: Irish Water Spaniel, Health, Allergies


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The Irish Water Spaniel has a very distinctive look. Its tightly curled coat, its mop head and its naked looking tail makes it resemble a mismatch of different dog breed parts. However, that conspicuous coat is also quite attractive to dog lovers who cannot tolerate fur shedding because they are prone to suffer from allergic reactions. The Irish Water Spaniel's coat does not have the tendency to shed. This means that despite its rich body hair, it does not cause pet allergy.

Pet allergy is an allergic reaction that usually comes from the hair, saliva or urine of household pets. It usually attacks the airways and eyes, often causing asthmatic symptoms like difficulty in breathing, atopic dermatitis (eczema) or nettle rash hives. This is a particular problem especially when it comes to household pets like dogs, cats and hamsters that usually shed their body hair or fur. Sometimes, this is also caused by unsanitary living conditions where pet refuse is not cleaned daily or scrupulously.

Fortunately, the Irish Water Spaniel's coat is hypoallergenic. This means that the dog's fur does not have the tendency to shed. Poodles and Bichon Frise furs also do not shed. Dogs like these have soft and constantly growing hair. This may be less irritating to some individuals who are prone to pet allergies.

Moreover, a hypoallergenic coating means that the Irish Water Spaniel needs to be bathed more often than your other pets. Although its body hair is usually considered waterproof, bathing is still essential because dirt and other irritants cannot be simply brushed away through daily grooming. Bathing the Irish Water Spaniel should not be a problem because this dog loves the water. Perhaps you could arrange for your pet Irish Water Spaniel to have a daily swimming session or a jump into the nearest pond.

Grooming is also essential when it comes to avoiding allergens from actually accumulating on your pet Irish Water Spaniel. The tight ringlets on its body are wonderful to look at, but they are also a trapping ground for pollens and grass seeds, especially on the dog's legs and underbelly. Not only are the microscopic pollen grains and grass seeds sources of potential respiratory irritants, these also work their way into your pet Irish Water Spaniel's skin, causing skin illnesses. Skin diseases on dogs are quite rampant, yet most of them go undetected until extreme curative measures are finally needed. In the meantime, once your Irish Water Spaniel's hair begins to shed due to infection, hair follicles and bacteria become additional sources of allergens.

The Irish Water Spaniel is a very good pet for people who suffer from pet allergies. But you have to remember that creating a clean living atmosphere for both you and your pet can considerably minimize allergens in your environment. Make sure that your pet’s “leavings” are disposed of in the most sanitary way possible.

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Is the Irish Water Spaniel Good for People with Allergies?
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