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Norfolk Terriers

Aliases: Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier For Sale

Things you need to know about the Norfolk Terrier

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Tags: Norfolk Terrier, Health Problems, Leash Training, Socialization

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So you've made your mind up and you're definitely adopting a Norfolk terrier, no bones about it. If you've done all your research on the dog's personal history, the dog's pedigree, the breed's characteristics, if you trust the person selling you the dog and have determined that your home is perfect for a Norfolk terrier, then the following should hopefully serve as a quick last minute checklist, a reminder of things to watch out for and keep in mind.

The Norfolk terrier is prone to a few health problems. Particularly heart diseases and hip dysplasia and especially prone to incorrect bite patterns. Any potential Norfolk terrier owner should be advised that their dog will need to be given regular checkups and attention to the end of early detection of common diseases and disorders. While the breed does tend to be relatively resistant to health concerns when compared to many other breeds, the Norfolk owner should nonetheless take the proper precautions.

The Norfolk terrier's most pressing issue in training is its willfulness. Unless the owner makes absolutely sure to let the dog know who is in charge early on, the Norfolk may grow to become an incredibly hard headed and stubborn adult. Correcting this later in the dog's life may demand more attention and effort than the owner might have bargained for.

When taking the Norfolk terrier for a walk anywhere there might be traffic, it is imperative that he or she be kept on a short leash. The breed tends to have absolutely no sense in regards to watching out for traffic and their small stature makes them ever the more fragile and susceptible to extreme injury or even death by vehicle. Also thanks to this fact, any city dwelling Norfolk owner is advised not to just let the dog out on the front lawn by itself, but to make sure he or she is attended at all times while outdoors lest the terrier take a stray step into the street.

The Norfolk and Norwich terrier are practically identical. The only significant difference is that the Norwich terrier's ears tend to stand erect, while the Norfolk's droop down slightly. Anyone considering one breed or the other can rest safely knowing that what is true of one will generally hold true for the other, as well.

The Norfolk terrier can become jealous and start acting out and digging at the carpet if neglected for another pet too often. Anyone adopting a Norfolk or Norwich terrier is advised to make sure beforehand that they have the free time to attend to the dog's emotional needs and sidestep the potential of an unsatisfactory dog/owner relationship.

While the above should serve as a brief reminder of what an owner should be aware of when adopting a Norfolk, it is very, very far from a complete guide to the breed. As with any breed, the dog should not be adopted before the owner has done all the requisite research and made absolutely certain that the breed and the individual dog are right for them.

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Things you need to know about the Norfolk Terrier
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