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Aliases: Little Lion Dog, Petit chien lion, Lion Dog

Lowchen For Sale

The Lowchen and Their Bad Habits

Filed under Dogs
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Tags: Lowchen, Behavior, Barking

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The Lowchen is a small breed of dog that is relatively easy to handle and take care of. They are loyal, affectionate and love getting attention from the family. Whereas many dogs have a lot of bad habits, the Lowchen has very few and those they do have can be lessened if not eliminated with good trainings and lots of patience.

One of the bad habits you may encounter with your Lowchen is digging. Dogs love to dig for many reasons. In warm weather, many dogs dig because they like the feel of the cool ground underneath the surface. They will dig and then lay on the cool ground. Other dogs like to bury things underground, with the most common thing being bones or chew toys. This is very typical behavior for dogs. They have found something they really enjoy and don't want to share it with other animals or just want to save it for another day. Therefore, they choose to bury it. Another reason many dogs (most dogs, in fact) will dig is boredom, pure and simple boredom. They have too much time on their hands and probably are not getting enough exercise or things to do with their time. Whatever the reason, this can be a very annoying habit. It's also a habit that needs to be nipped in the bud or corrected as soon as possible.

When you catch your Lowchen digging, do not yell at him unless you can catch him with the very first dig, which is usually not going to happen. If you are that close to him to catch the first time his paws lift up dirt, he probably would be by your side and not digging. When you see that he is digging, call him to you, pet him and detour him to something else. You are probably wondering why you should pet him when he was digging. Your Lowchen should never associate being scolded with him coming to you when you call him. Keep deterring him from digging. He may not be getting enough exercise and is trying to find something to do. Try taking him for a walk or playing with him. This will give him something to do as well as tire him out.

Another bad habit that will often be seen in the Lowchen is unnecessary barking. Dogs bark for many reasons - attention, to alert you of something or someone or simple boredom. If your dog is barking unnecessarily, it's probably from boredom. Once again, he needs activities to keep his mind and body occupied. Lowchen dogs need and thrive on mental challenges. Playing with him will provide that as well as much needed exercise. You can also provide him with chew toys. These will often keep the dog occupied for a long time. They will also eliminate any chewing problems the Lowchen may have.

Not getting along with other animals is a problem some Lowchen owners have with their dog. They need socialization right from the beginning. In time, they will learn to get along with them, especially if they know it is expected of them. It may take time and patience but it will happen. Other than these few bad habits, the Lowchen is a very well-behaved dog that will provide you with a lot of good times and affection.

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The Lowchen and Their Bad Habits
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