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Miniature Poodles

Aliases: Caniche, Pudle

Miniature Poodle For Sale

Miniature Poodles and Other Pets

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Tags: Miniature Poodle, Socialization

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Miniature poodles are wonderful little dogs that are intelligent, energetic, and very loving. Bringing home a new miniature poodle puppy is an extremely exciting time for the whole family but if you have other resident pets, it could be a little stressful for everyone. While many animals are very social, other household pets that have never had to share their living space or territory with another animal may find it very difficult. If your new miniature poodle puppy was your only pet, you could bring him home and let him explore and roam around the house freely. When you already have a dog, cat, rabbit or other pets, this is not a realistic option as your new poodle and the other animal or animals need a proper introduction.

Introducing the miniature poodle to your resident cat can be stressful and upsetting for both at the beginning. Have a specific area for your cat to escape to that you do not allow your puppy in. Be sure to have the cat's food, water, and kitty litter in a convenient place that is not accessible to your puppy. A stair or baby gate works well for this. It is important to have an area where your cat feels safe, relaxed, and can groom, nap, and eat without feeling stressed or worried about your new poodle. If your cat has claws, keep them trimmed to protect the puppy from serious injury when he gets too close and your cat hisses a warning and swipes at his face. This normally stops once the puppy learns to respect the cat and your cat realizes the puppy does not pose a threat. Never allow your miniature poodle to chase the cat and do not put them face to face trying to force a friendship. It will probably take a while for your two pets to become friends or at least co-exist together peacefully but do not expect this to happen overnight. When you have to go out and leave your pets unsupervised, put your puppy in his dog crate or pen. Once your dog and cat have adjusted to each other, you may find them playing or snuggled up together.

Be patient when introducing the new poodle puppy to your older resident dog because dogs have a pack mentality so, although you are the leader, your older dog is second in command and may feel slightly threatened by the new addition. When introducing the new puppy, be sure that you remove your older dogs' toys and food from the room. Under close supervision, introduce your animals but be prepared to step in if necessary, as your older dog sniffs and examines your new miniature poodle puppy. Puppies recognize an older dog's superiority and often act submissive. If the puppy oversteps his boundaries, your older dog will let him know and keep him in line. Until they have adjusted to each other, always supervise your pets. Although your miniature poodle puppy is extremely cute an adorable, let your older dog know that he is the number one dog. Always feed, greet, and pet your older dog first so he does not feel left out and your puppy recognizes the older dogs' position.

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Miniature Poodles and Other Pets
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