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Skin Conditions in the Miniature Bull Terrier

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Tags: Miniature Bull Terrier, Health Problems, Health, Skin Conditions, Skin Allergies

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Miniature bull terriers are wonderful small dogs that are full of energy, playful, love people and older children, but are sometimes a little stubborn and willful. They can be stubborn and are not always good with other animals so early socialization and obedience training is extremely important. Miniature bull terriers have glossy, fine, short coats that does not require a lot of grooming. Some dogs, just like humans, are prone to skin rashes, skin allergies, and other skin diseases that are often painful, unsightly, and very uncomfortable for your pet.

Although miniature bull terriers are a generally healthy breed, unfortunately some do suffer from skin conditions, which can certainly become a serious problem if left untreated. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to check your miniature bull terriers skin regularly and look for bumps, rashes, open sores, pus, bleeding, or other signs of skin conditions. Because your pet cannot tell you he or she is having a problem, it is also important for you to investigate any behavioral changes or actions you notice in your terrier. Finding and treating a skin condition or skin disease very early often prevents a more serious problem and makes treatment of your pets skin condition far easier and faster. A few signs that could point to a skin problem include your miniature bull terrier continuously licking, chewing or scratching at his skin and making himself sore because he is uncomfortable or experiencing pain. Some visible signs could also include a dry, dull coat, excessive shedding, or bald patches. Some dogs will rub themselves along the furniture or against sharp objects and walls to try scratching the hard to reach places that itch.

Many miniature bull terriers develop skin sensitivities or allergies to fleas, mites, mosquitoes, and other parasites or insects. Insect bites from these often produce parasitic dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction, producing rash, hives, and itchy welts. If your miniature bull terrier shows any of these signs or acts uncomfortable and is excessively scratching, biting and chewing his back end or legs, take the dog in and have him examined by your veterinarian immediately. Your veterinarian will do an examination and testing to determine the type of allergic condition your miniature bull terrier is suffering from, such as an allergy to fleas or and allergy to the saliva of fleas, the severity of the condition and the appropriate treatments necessary. For fleabite problems or hypersensitivity, your veterinarian will usually start your allergic miniature bull terrier on an efficient, regular flea therapy treating both the dog's environment and the animal. Along with following your veterinarian's treatment instructions for your animal and home, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to check your dog and his environment to be sure that the parasite or flea control is working effectively.

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Skin Conditions in the Miniature Bull Terrier
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