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Boston Terriers and Exercise

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Tags: Border Terrier, Exercise

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Before choosing a dog to bring home and add to the family, you must do some research into not only the personality of the breed or breeds youíre considering, but also into the requirements that youíll have to fulfill to keep your dog happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. Besides the essential nutritional requirements, all dogs need some form of exercise as well as displays of affection, though just how much affection and attention you have to give varies from breed to breed. Dogs who take up quite a bit of your time with grooming, exercise and affection requirements are usually deemed high maintenance dogs, while low maintenance dogs are those that do not demand much of your time and effort. Some experts claim that Boston Terriers are low maintenance, while others claim that they require quite a bit of maintenance. Both are right, in part.

Boston Terriers require an incredible amount of affection and time; they need to feel like they are a full-fledged member of the family and love accompanying their humans anywhere and everywhere. They love to play, especially with their humans, and they are not very good at keeping themselves occupied while you take care of things around the house. They need you to be part of their entertainment; they need their games to be interactive. From this point of view, then, they are high maintenance; some experts recommend getting another Boston Terrier or at least another pet, so that your Boston Terrier has a playmate to keep him busy while you tend to your own life.

When it comes to actual exercise, though, Boston Terriers are quite low maintenance. They are a very active breed and love to play, as mentioned, but they donít need to go on frequent long walks. Their play sessions are more than enough to keep them in shape; a frisky play session in the yard once a day can also be good, especially so they get some fresh air. Itís not a problem if you donít have a yard, as these dogs adjust perfectly well to apartment life. You just have to make sure that you play with them relatively frequently or not only will they lose out in exercise, they will also start feeling ignored and may become distressed. So, chances are, if you miss a walk or two, your Boston wonít be terribly disappointed; you just have to remember to play a lot and heíll be a well-adjusted, healthy puppy.

Itís actually a good idea not to exert these dogs that much, especially in extremes of hot and cold temperatures. Boston Terriers are brachycephalic dogs, which as mentioned, have some substantial breathing problems due to their shortened snout. These dogs are not able to take in air efficiently when exercised and they especially have problems regulating their body temperature; they are at a high risk for heat stroke if they are outside during the hottest hours of the day, and that risk increases substantially if they are engaging in strenuous activities. So Bostons may not be the highest maintenance breed out there, but they do require a lot of your time and attention; be careful to not over-exert them, but make sure you organize plenty of play sessions.

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Boston Terriers and Exercise
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