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Differences Between Male and Female Whippets

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Those that are interested in purchasing a Whippet as a pet are often concerned about which gender will make a better pet. Male dogs are sometimes considered to be aggressive while female dogs often have a reputation for being more aloof. In truth, the Whippet is a breed apart and perhaps can be considered outside the norm when it comes to gender differences. In this article, we'll take a look at the differences between male and female Whippets as well as benefits of having pets spayed or neutered.

There are some small obvious differences in size between male and female Whippets, as males are sometimes two to three inches taller and a few pounds heavier. But the main concerns most interested prospective buyers have are housebreaking and temperament. The good news is that, unlike other breeds, male Whippets are not especially difficult to housebreak. They are not considered to be any more aggressive than females, have the tendency to be more affectionate with their owners and may enjoy more repetitive play than their female counterparts. While this description may leave the female Whippet sounding like a cold creature, they are not necessarily as aloof as females of other breeds. They may have more of an independent streak but they are just as devoted to their families as their male counterparts.

When speaking of gender concerning dogs, the important issue of spaying and neutering is bound to come up. The fact of the matter is, unless an owner intends to breed or show his pet in competition, the best thing to do for the dog is to have it spayed or neutered. This is sometimes a mute point, as most respectable breeders will require a contract stating that the new owner will have the pet spayed or neutered at the appropriate time unless the dog is purchased with the intention of breeding or showing in competition. It should also be noted that competition in this case only means conformation, as dogs that compete in other events such as racing or Obedience are eligible whether they've been spayed or neutered or not.

Outside of the obvious wish to prevent unwanted pregnancies, spaying and neutering have strong benefits when it comes to the health of the dog as well as temperament. It is a common misconception that dogs that are spayed or neutered can become fat and lazy but this is certainly untrue - obesity is more likely caused by a bad diet and lack of exercise. Health benefits include a lowered chance of cancer in the uterus and breast cancer for females, while the chance of developing testicular cancer is eliminated and there is a lower chance of developing prostate cancer in males. Females will not be burdened by going into heat cycles twice a year and males are less likely to mark their territory. Neutered male Whippets are less likely to become agitated when in the presence of a bitch in heat, while female Whippets sometimes become nervous or aggressive during their heat cycle and can attract unwanted males.

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Differences Between Male and Female Whippets
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