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Weird Facts Did You Know?

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Did you know that the most important requirement for owners of Skye Terriers is a sense of humor? These dogs will test your will, test your resolve, and test your love. If you can laugh at your own expense and manage not to pull out your own hair, or your Skye's hair, then you are a great candidate.

There are many interesting tidbits of information concerning the Skye Terrier but one that most people find infinitely fascinating is that it is believed that Queen Victoria may have had an impact on the prevalence of prick eared Skye Terriers as they were a favorite of hers despite the fact that the drop eared variety had been more prevalent previously.

This breed has a long history as both working dogs and favored pets of royalty. For this reason Skyes need jobs. They need something to do to keep them from getting bored (and as a result destructive). Originally their jobs were to hunt or rid properties of fox and other similar animals. It's not a good idea to have a Skye Terrier in a home with gerbils, hamsters, mice, ferrets, and such as it is a breed trait for them to hunt and destroy these animals.

Skye Terriers are known to be a very loyal breed of dog. One story that is commonly told as an example of their loyalty is the story of "Bobby" a Skye Terrier from Edinburgh around 1858. Bobby's owner died leaving Bobby alone. Bobby kept vigil by his owner's side for ten years after his owner died despite being offered several new homes. The people of the town kept Bobby fed and later build a monument honoring his loyalty to his owner.

This is one breed of dog that defies any rules of common breed traits. They are as diverse as the people who own them (or those that they own as the case may be) and can be manipulative, bossy, rude, and down right mean if you allow them to be. However, if you are a good owner you will put your foot down and let them know who is the King of your castle. If you do not let them know this your life with your Skye will be a constant struggle for supremacy.

Another lesser-known fact about Skye Terriers is that they have a deep fondness for stuffed animals that are brown in color. In other words, hide the teddy bears unless you want them to become puppy fodder. This fondness for fuzzy brown things may have something to do with their natural inclinations to hunt furry little brown things. Whatever the reason make sure that your child's favorite teddy bear is either locked away or some color other than brown.

Skye Terriers are infinitely fascinating as a breed and very challenging for owners. Are you up to the challenge of owning this beautiful, bright, intelligent, and headstrong dog? If you are considering this delightful addition for your family be sure to talk at length with a reputable breeder about your expectations and requirements. He or she may have the perfect match.

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Weird Facts Did You Know?
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