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Aliases: Hungarian Sheepdog, Hungarian Kuvasz, Kuvaszok (plural)

Kuvasz For Sale

Bloat And The Kuvasz

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Tags: Kuvasz, Feeding, Diet

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Like all large dogs, the Kuvasz is subject to bloat. Bloat is sometimes caused gastric dilation. Its most prominent symptom is the extension of the dog's stomach. You may even see the stomach twisting and turning inside, but that's not always the case. The dog may retch or salivate excessively. Bloat is fatal in a large number of dogs and immediate attention by a veterinarian is warranted if you think your dog is experiencing bloat.

Once the stomach starts to twist and turn, this is called torsioning. The blood will back up into the vital organs. The circulation will stomach and the stomach will die and shock will set in. At that point, the dog will most likely be lost. So, you want to be able to get the dog to the vet before it starts to torsion. If you are uncertain as to whether the Kuvasz is bloating, try giving the dog some water to drink. If the water comes back up, the dog is possibly experiencing bloat and you should schedule an emergency appointment right away. The veterinarian may pass a stomach tube, do diagnostics, or even perform surgery, if necessary. The quicker a dog is treated the higher the chance it will survive. Large dogs, like the Kuvasz, can be dead just a few hours after you've noticed a distended stomach. The condition is that serious.

The causes of bloat are not known. There are some indications that there are multiple factors involved, including heredity. There are some things you can do to prevent bloat. Dogs with a nervous disposition may be more easily stressed and experience bloat more than dogs that are not as high-strung.

There also appears to be some correlation between diet and meal structure to the incidence of bloat. The more natural the diet, the less the dog will experience bloat although this may not be true for all dogs. Some vets suspect food allergies that can also contribute to bloat. So, whatever you choose, be sure to watch your dog to see that the food it is receiving is not affecting it adversely. Do give your dog a high quality diet instead of kibble, if you want to avoid bloat.

The meal structure can also influence the appearance of bloat. Dogs should have more frequent and smaller meals, rather than one large meal a day. Too many liquids should not accompany the meals, either before or after it is eaten. Vigorous exercise should also be restricted prior to and directly after being fed for several hours. While this may seem a lot of bother for a dog, it can help you to keep your dog alive to enjoy for a longer period of time.

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Bloat And The Kuvasz
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