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Lakeland Terriers

Aliases: Patterdale, Fell, Cumberland, Westmoreland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier For Sale

The Lakeland Terrier as a Family Dog. A Children's Pet?

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Tags: Lakeland Terrier, Family Breeds, Housing

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baltimore, OH

Great Dane

When most people hear the name Lakeland terrier, or terrier in general, they think in terms of a hunting dog. Although this is perfectly understandable considering most terriers are hunting dogs, most of them make excellent family dogs. The Lakeland terrier, who was originally bred to hunt vermin, is the perfect example of a multi-purpose dog. Not only are they excellent hunting dogs, but also have made many families very happy as their family dog.

The Lakeland terrier is a very friendly and intelligent dog. They are neither shy nor aggressive, having almost the perfect disposition. They do, however, have a certain cockiness about them, which needs to be taken into consideration during training so they don't take advantage of you. They can be quite stubborn and willful if they believe they want something that they are being denied or don't want to do something that you want them to do. They need a firm hand in their training but will get along well with everyone in the family.

Once the Lakeland terrier figures out what it is you want and expect from them, they will quickly respond to your demands. Housebreaking is the only thing that may take a little longer for them to learn, but they will eventually learn it with your patience and consistency. Training the Lakeland terrier is something that the children can also participate in, as the Lakeland terrier loves children and loves spending time with them.

The Lakeland terrier does have a few bad habits that will need the entire family's help with. They like to dig outside, for whatever reason; they will dig as much as they are allowed. Many dogs that dig are doing it because they are bored. With children in the family, the dog will, hopefully, not have much time to be bored. Barking excessively is another bad habit that exists with many of the Lakeland terriers. If you live in an apartment, this could present a problem with your neighbors if the dog is not trained at a young age.

The Lakeland terrier is a dog that can very easily live in an apartment or a large home, as it is a very adaptable dog. They do need to get exercise and love being walked by their family members or playing a game of catch. If you have the time and energy to do these kinds of things with your dog, then the Lakeland terrier would make the perfect family dog for you. If you have other dogs or cats, this will not be a problem for the Lakeland terrier as they get along with cats and dogs once they've been socialized.

If you are looking for a watchdog for the family, the Lakeland terrier will not disappoint you. They will bark when strangers come to the home and will not back down or allow someone to frighten them away.

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The Lakeland Terrier as a Family Dog. A Children's Pet?
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