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Lakeland Terriers

Aliases: Patterdale, Fell, Cumberland, Westmoreland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier For Sale

The Lakeland Terrier Weird Facts/Did You Know?

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Tags: Lakeland Terrier, Weird Facts

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The Lakeland terrier has won the Westminster in New York as well as the Crufts in London. The dog won Best in Show & Supreme Champion. The dog's name was Champion Stingray of Derryabah and is one of only two other dogs to accomplish this feat.

In spite of the wonderful family pet the Lakeland terrier is, they were originally developed to guard sheep and protect them from foxes. It's amazing that they are not called "Sheep-herd" or shepherd instead of terrier.

The Lakeland terrier comes from a combination of many dogs such as the Old English Black and Tan Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, Border Terrier, Dandie Dinmonts and Bedlington Terriers. They have also been called by a few different names such as Patterdale, Westmoreland terrier, Cumberland and Fell. Although related to all these different breeds of terriers, the Lakeland terrier is one of the oldest hunting dogs in the working terrier family still being used today.

Did you know that the Lakeland terrier coat comes in 10 different colors? The colors are black and tan, black, blue, blue and tan, wheaton, liver, liver and tan, tan grizzle, red and red grizzle. When the puppies are little their hair is soft and curly and changes by the time they reach adulthood. They are usually dark when they are born and turn lighter as they get older.

Nickelodeon Magazine has a Lakeland terrier named Zelda Van Gutters as their mascot. Although a fictional dog, Zelda was first called the magazine's office manager and later described as their roving reporter, a promotion that brought out many readers that loved to follow Zelda's career and humor.

Entertainer Bill Cosby is the proud owner of a Lakeland terrier.

An identifying mark on the Lakeland terrier is marking on their back that has the appearance of a saddle. They look like a miniature pony running down the sidewalk and they do happen to love jogging. If you're interested in exercise, you'll have a great companion in the Lakeland terrier.

Did you know that the Lakeland terrier considers certain things as "his" and will bark repeatedly if he feels someone is infringing on his territory or taking something that belongs to him or her? The Lakeland terrier is such a brave, courageous dog that even the smallest terrier will stand his ground, face the largest breed of dog if challenged, and show no fear.

The Lakeland terrier always looks like they are standing on their tiptoes.
Although, they are mostly bred and used as pets, many hunters still enjoy their unique and efficient way of hunting.

The Lakeland terrier got its name from its place of origin, which was the Lake District of Northern England and goes back to the 1700s.

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The Lakeland Terrier Weird Facts/Did You Know?
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