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Manchester Terriers

Aliases: Black and Tan Terrier

Manchester Terrier For Sale

Manchester Terriers as Hunting Dogs

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Tags: Manchester Terrier, Hunting Dog, Training, Service Dogs

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Many people think that the only dogs that are worth while when hunting are the bigger breeds. However, many people are now using smaller breeds such as the Manchester terriers as well.

When it comes to the Manchester terriers as being hunting dogs, not all of them are cut out for the job. In fact, in order for a Manchester terrier to become a hunting dog, there are many things that it will need to learn first.

Many times when people think of a hunting dog, they think of them as chasing around big animals such as bears. However, there are also many other different kinds of hunting dogs. When it actually comes down to hunting dogs, it does not matter what size of animal it is that they are hunting; it is that they are actually hunting a specific animal that they are supposed to be hunting. In fact, Manchester terriers have been known in there times to hunt a couple of different animals; and not just one specific breed. When the Manchester terriers were produced, they were only produced to hunt and kill rats mostly. However, throughout the years the Manchester terriers have been used to also hunt and kill rabbits, foxes, and on other occasions, badgers. Either way, they were supposed to kill above and beneath land.

Because the Manchester terriers were produced for hunting and killing mice in the early 1800's, many people started a gambling game that was around the dog killing the rats. In fact, it was called "Rat-Baiting". Rat-baiting was a blood sport where rats were put in a big cage, and then the dogs were put in it as well. The purpose of the sport was to see which dog could kill the most rats in a certain amount of time. However, in later years that sport was banned.

Before a Manchester terrier becomes a hunting dog, there are a few basic commands that must be learned first. Luckily though, the Manchester is an observant and devoted to his master as well as being responsive; which makes the training a little easier. However, one of the main things that the terrier must be taught is obedience. In fact, without obedience he could not be a hunter. When it comes to learning obedience, the dog is being taught how to listen to it master no matter what as well as knowing that the master is right. Many dogs have a problem with obedience because they are head strong.

One great thing about the Manchester terrier is that it has very strong hunting instincts; as well as wanting to chase anything possible. That is why it is important for them to get early socialization when they are a puppy, so that they don't chase the wrong animal. Either way, if they are hunting or not, they will stand their ground and fight if necessary.

When it comes down to the International Hunting Dog Hall of Fame, they honor all breeds of hunting dogs; even if they only point or retrieve the prey. It should not matter what type of animal they hunt, it should be the fact that they will hunt.

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Manchester Terriers as Hunting Dogs
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