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Aliases: Otter, Otterhound

Otterhound For Sale

Otterhounds: Problems and Pitfalls

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Tags: Otterhound, Housebreaking, Exercise

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Chewing and Howling

These loveable fun loving, playful large dogs can be a handful for the average owner. First and foremost you will have to make sure that your Otterhound gets a lot of exercise. A bored Otterhound has the capacity to wreck a house in less than a day. He will chew and destroy your furniture or bay all day long. The howl of a hound may seem romantic and charming on the English Moors but can annoy you while at home when you are trying to relax or work around the house.


Do not leave your Otterhound alone in the yard, his loud howl and playful noise will not only get your neighbors riled up but might prompt a visit from the police.


Make sure that your Otterhound has at least one long brisk walk per day. It should even have the opportunity to go hunting and it is recommended that you enroll him in tracking and agility training.


The Otterhound, bred to hunt otters, is headstrong and follows his own instinct rather than take orders from his master. This stubborn streak tends to make the Otterhound one of the hardest canines to train, but they can be trained.


A long process for the headstrong Otterhound; prepare yourself for at least a good half of year housebreaking training. Crate training is the method of choice.

Jumping and Clowning Around

Otterhounds up to the age of about three are big goofballs, they run and jump and do not even know their own strength. They can topple tables and break your precious ornaments by a single swish of a tail. Because they are powerful dogs they can unintentionally hurt a toddler or frail elderly person.

The Hunter Instinct

Otterhounds have the tendency to chase and kill small creatures which can include the family cat if not socialized properly.

Running Away

You will need a large yard with a high fence that is secured by wire to keep your Otterhound at home. They cannot be trusted off a leash when outside, because they will run and chase just about anything that moves.

Smelly Dogs

Otterhounds tend to stink. Boy do Otterhounds love to get dirty, they will track in mud and dirt and spread it all over your house. When they eat or drink the food and water and odors get into their fur and cause foul odors. Their odor lingers on your clothes and makes you smell as well.

They need to be bathed frequently and their coats need to be brushed down frequently or it will mat.


Besides the matted coat, Otterhounds shed their fur which can end up all over your house.

Rare Find

There are less than 1,000 Otterhounds left in the world today. Approximately 40 new puppies are registered yearly. They are the rarest breed of canine in existence at this time.

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Otterhounds: Problems and Pitfalls
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