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Silky Terriers

Aliases: Australian Silky Terrier, Sydney Silky

Silky Terrier For Sale

Showing Your Silky Terrier

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Tags: Silky Terrier, Show, AKC Conformation

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The Silky Terrier, or Australian Silky Terrier, is classified in the Terrier group in Europe, but has been placed in the American Kennel Club's Toy group. Indeed, the AKC considers him a toy terrier that is somewhat longer than tall, relatively low set with an elegant bone structure. Despite his delicate appearance, the ideal Silky Terrier must be substantial enough to give the impression that he can hunt and kill rodents. The breed's name derives from its coat, which appears silky and for show purposes is parted and well-groomed. The Silky Terrier must give the impression of being curious and full of joy.

This toy terrier should measure about nine to ten inches in height, and not much exception is made for deviation. Technically, the height of the dog should be roughly one fifth shorter than its length. The breed has a long head that is wedge-shaped and strong, with small, dark keen eyes; the eyes should have dark rims and should be shaped like almonds. These dogs should have V-shaped, high set, small ears that they carry erect. As for the skull, it should be flat and a bit longer than the muzzle. They have a black nose and their teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The neck of the Silky Terrier is somewhat crested and of medium length and fine. The breed has a level topline and a deep and somewhat wide chest. For show purposes, the tail is docked and should be high set.

The forelegs are well set under the body due to the laid back shoulders and a good upper arm angulation; the breed's forelegs are straight, strong and finely boned. They have compact cat-like feet that are small and round; the nails must be dark. Their thighs are strong and muscular, with well angulated hind legs. This breed is especially known for its coat, which is glossy, silky and straight; it should not touch the floor. The tail is coated but not heavily; the feet should have short hair and should be visible, not covered by the coat. As far as color, the coat must be tan and some shade of blue; it could be pigeon blue, silver blue or slate blue. The tan coloring should be present on the cheeks and muzzle, at the base of the ears and on the legs and feet. The blue, on the other hand, should appear from the base of the skull all the way to the tip of the tail and on the forelegs until the elbow; the thighs should be blue until about halfway down their length. Regarding movement, the Silky Terrier's gait should be very lively and determined, though light-footed; toes should remain straight ahead. They should demonstrate a friendly and responsive temperament.

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Showing Your Silky Terrier
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