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Silky Terriers

Aliases: Australian Silky Terrier, Sydney Silky

Silky Terrier For Sale

Complaints about Silky Terriers

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Tags: Silky Terrier, Behavior, Grooming

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Silky Terriers can make wonderful additions to the family, especially if they come from good bloodlines and are properly trained. They are small dogs and don't take up a lot of space; they are also very conveniently easy to carry. They are very elegant, yet have a sturdy build, while their coat doesn't shed and is very pretty to look at. Silky Terriers are light on their feet, curious and will always keep you entertained. Finally, many owners are pleased that their Silky Terriers actually make pretty decent watchdogs.

Despite all their positive aspects, Silky Terriers have their downside, as do all breeds. While they are more elegantly built than terriers and look a little fancier, they possess that wacky terrier temperament. They are somewhat yappy, a bit bossy, very stubborn and independent, love digging and are extremely high-energy, to the point of almost being hyperactive. Don't let the small dainty look of these terriers fool you! They are by no means lap dogs and need a good amount of exercise and stimulation to keep them happy and out of trouble. Their exercise and stimulation must involve you, as they are very attached to their family, so you must find time no matter what your schedule to engage in frequent interactive games with your Silky Terrier.

Because terriers often bond very strongly with their family, to the exclusion of strangers, and because Silky Terriers have a somewhat standoffish personality, they must be properly socialized as puppies so that they get used to people, animals and a variety of sights and sounds. If not properly socialized, they could become very nervous and suspicious around new people and in new situations and could even start biting out of fear. While they are relatively good with children, they don't do well with small children who torment or tease the dog. They also don't do well with other animals unless they are raised with them; they have a natural instinct to chase small creatures and even if your Silky Terrier is raised with your pet hamster, he still may chase him down and kill him if given the chance.

Silky Terriers cannot be trusted off leash and they especially can't be trusted in a yard with no fence. Actually, even fenced yards sometimes are not able to contain Silky Terriers, as they are very good at escaping; they are capable of jumping or climbing quite high and of digging quite low to get above or below a fence to find some small critter to chase. Chain link or wire fences are NOT recommended for this breed, as they are too easy to climb. As with many terriers, this breed is quite stubborn and independent and training can be somewhat difficult; it must be said, though, that it is easier to train this breed than other types of terriers. Lastly, one of the most common complaints regarding Silky Terriers is the time and effort that goes into grooming. They need regular combing and brushing or their hair will matt; matted hair is painful and is also a breeding ground for insects and infections. If you don't want to regularly brush the dog, you'll have to regularly trim his hair.

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Complaints about Silky Terriers
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