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Weird Facts About Did You Know: The American Eskimo

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Tags: American Eskimo, Origin, Health Problems

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Despite their fluffy white coat and husky like appearance, the American Eskimo breed really has nothing to do with Eskimos or anything even close to Alaska. However, with its solid white or off cream colored coat, the Eskie, as it is sometimes referred to, definitely reminds people of snow. At the same time, their dense double coat makes them excellent for cold weather climates. After coming to the United States in the early 1900's, it took the breed until 1995 to be fully registered and accepted by the American Kennel Club. When in dog shows, the American Eskimo competes in the non sporting group.

Those looking for an American Eskimo will find the breed comes in toy, miniature, and standard sizes. Their small stature, fun loving temperament, and captivating white coats are what made them perfect for performing tricks. They managed to remain a very popular choice for circuses and other types of traveling shows. American Eskimos were very adept at walking on their back paws and did some tricks on their front paws as well. Their teddy bear like appearance brought the adoration of many, especially when dressed in colorful costumes. The dogs were a delight to many as they pulled carts, rode atop horses with great agility, and jumped through hoops.

Most dogs have a sweet spot or an area that makes them groan with delight when rubbed or scratched. For some dogs it is the ears, hindquarters, or belly. However, many owners have reported that rubbing the forehead area of the American Eskimo has a trancelike affect on the breed. While not every Eskie is the same, many owners stroke the forehead down to the nose or back up over the eyes. Many find the technique is a great way to calm their pet after a heavy play session or just bond after a long day's work. No matter how long a session, the Eskie always begs for more.

As with all dogs, chocolate serves as a diuretic and cardiac stimulant. However, the small stature and active temperament of the breed makes chocolate extra toxic to the American Eskimo. Because the Eskie is close to the ground, it is not uncommon for them to be the first to snatch whatever is dropped on the ground. Garlic and onions are particularly dangerous for the Eskie. It can lead to a seemingly harmless case of gastroenteritis but can later lead to a bad case of haemolytic anemia. This can happen in one large dose but more often occurs over a period of time when owners feed their Eskie table scraps. Macadamia nuts are also dangerous to Eskies, causing painful muscle weakness and engorged bellies. An Eskie that has managed to get hold of even a small portion of these foods should see a vet immediately.

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Weird Facts About Did You Know: The American Eskimo
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