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Aliases: German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer

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Boxers and Cancer

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Tags: Boxers, Health Problems, Health, Cancer

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No one likes to think about their pets getting sick, but it's important that pet owners be aware of potential health problems that their animals might face so that they can deal with them in an effective manner should they occur. Boxer owners need to keep a close eye on their pets, as boxers tend to have a higher chance than some other breeds of developing potentially severe health problems such as certain types of cancer. Early detection of cancers can lead to effective treatment, which will result in your boxer being around for many years to come.

The most common types of cancer which afflict boxers are cancers of the lymph nodes, skin, and limbs. These cancers are generally easy to detect and can be easily treated in most cases. Unfortunately, some boxers may also develop cancerous tumors in their lungs or other locations which aren't as easy to detect; in these cases there may be other symptoms which gives away the dog's illness that could be missed if you aren't observant of changes in your pet's behavior.

In order to stay vigilant so that you can detect any potential cancerous tumors that your boxer might develop, you merely need to make sure that you pay adequate attention to your pet. Take the time at least once a week to pet your boxer thoroughly, consciously looking for any lumps, swollen areas, sore spots, or any other abnormalities that you might find. You should also take note of any sores or wounds that your dog might have, especially if they don't seem to be healing well or if they keep developing again after they seemed to have healed. Persistent wounds can be a sign of an internal cancer or some other illness, so they should be looked at by your veterinarian as soon as you notice them.

Of course, not all forms of cancer will show external signs; in these cases, it's important that you notice any changes in your dogs behavior or other symptoms which may indicate that there's something wrong. Be sure to point out to your vet if your boxer experiences a sudden loss of appetite, a change in demeanor or total shift in personality, a loss of energy or playfulness, difficulty breathing, or anything else that seems to be a stark contrast to how your dog would normally act.

Treatments for cancer in boxers is similar to that which would be used on humans. Most forms of cancer which your boxer might have can be treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The type of treatment that is used and the aggressiveness of that treatment will depend upon the dog's age, the type of cancer which it has developed, and other factors such as its quality of life and the home environment that it lives in. With early detection and treatment, most forms of cancer that boxers develop can easily be overcome and your pet can live a long and happy life.

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Boxers and Cancer
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