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Weird Facts/Did You Know?

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An intelligent and loyal breed of dog, the boxer is very well known among breeders and pet owners alike. As well known as these dogs are, though, there are still a number of interesting facts about this breed that many people most likely aren't aware of. Boxers are one of the more popular breeds of dogs in the world, and taking the time to learn more about them can help potential owners to further appreciate exactly how special these dogs truly are.

As a breed of dogs, boxers are relatively young the first boxers weren't shown until 1895, where they were exhibited in a Munich dog show for St. Bernards. The breed was developed from a cross of the Bullenbeisser (a now-extinct breed of dog that was descended from the mastiff and which was used in the hunting of large animals) and English bulldogs. Rumors persist that the breed's name was taken from a habit of the dogs assuming a boxing stance on its hind legs in order to start fights, though it is much more likely that the name simply developed from a local nickname for the Bullenbeisser dogs that the boxers descended from.

Though boxers can have a wide range of color in their coats, the breed only has two officially recognized coat colors. These colors are fawn, which is a solid brown color (though that brown may vary from light and tan to dark and nearly red), and brindle, which is a fawn coat that features dark stripes (though the stripes may vary from being light and thin to being so thick that the dog appears almost entirely black.) Other coat variances exist as well, including white boxers and those boxers which have patches of white on their head, chest, and legs (known as flashy boxers), but white and flashy boxers aren't recognized by major breeding organizations because of potential health problems that they fear might become widespread if they allowed the genetics of the white dogs to enter the main breed in large quantities.

Many people think that boxers are an aggressive or violent breed, but in truth they're just the opposite. Boxers can make wonderful family pets, as they are intelligent, loving, playful, and loyal. Young boxers love to play and have a desire for plenty of exercise. While these dogs can be intimidating and may be protective of their owners around people that they don't know, other breeds tend to be much better choices for guard dogs simply because of how playful and loving well cared for boxers actually are.

Because of their intelligence, boxers are suited for a variety of different tasks including working as police dogs or being trained as service animals for the disabled. People who are simply keeping a boxer as a pet or who are wanting to show their dog competitively are generally pleased with how easily most boxers take to training and the wide variety of tricks and other activities that the dogs can be taught.

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Weird Facts/Did You Know?
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