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Welsh Terriers

Aliases: Old English Terrier

Welsh Terrier For Sale

Showing Your Welsh Terrier

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The Welsh Terrier is a dog of medium size that has a very characteristic wire-textured coat; it looks similar to an Airedale Terrier. He is compact and sturdy with a tan head, under body and legs; there is either a black or grizzle jacket. More often than not, the tail is docked and gives the dog an overall square appearance; he is roughly as long as he is tall. Since he is a long-legged terrier, he has a very typical terrier "trot", which gives the semblance of being effortless. As far as personality, he is outgoing and friendly to dogs and people; he demonstrates great courage and spirit. He shows a desire to please and is both intelligent and capable of great self-control. He has a very characteristic "Welsh Terrier expression", which has been described as alert, confident and steady.

In terms of height, males can range between 15 and 15.5 inches, while females are slightly smaller; an average weight for the breed is about 20 pounds, but this depends on the individual dog's height and structure. All dogs must give the appearance of being solid and substantially built. They have a rectangular head with small, dark brown eyes shaped like almonds; the eyes are spaced relatively far apart. The Welshie's ears are small and folded, in the shape of a V; they have a tendency of shifting a bit in a forward and upward direction when the dog is alert. He has clean, flat cheeks that do not bulge.

The dog has extra hair on his muzzle, which is roughly half the length of the distance between his nose and the back of his skull; both the muzzle and the nose are squared off. The nose is black, as are the lips. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite, though judges will accept a level bite. The Welshie's neck is medium in size and is somewhat thick, with a slight arch; there is no excess skin around the throat area. This breed has a level top line. His chest is moderately wide and his loin is short, but strong. The docked tail is carried upright, and is set high up on the back.

The anterior area of the dog is straight, with long, sloping shoulders that are well laid back. The straight legs are quite muscular and end in catlike feet that are round and small. Welshies have black, thick pads with strong nails; dewclaws are removed. The posterior part of the dog is also muscular and strong and he has second thighs that are well developed. The characteristic Welshie coat is thick, wiry and hard with a soft undercoat that is much shorter. There are furnishings (extra tufts of hair) on the legs, quarters and muzzle (as mentioned) that are also quite dense and wiry.

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Showing Your Welsh Terrier
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