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Miniature Pinschers

Aliases: Min Pin, Zwergpinscher

Miniature Pinscher For Sale

Your Lifestyle, Your Children, Your Other Animals and the Miniature Pinscher

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Tags: Miniature Pinscher, Behavior

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Though once used for ridding barns of rats and other vermin, the Miniature Pinscher is now deemed a toy breed and a very reliable companion. Nonetheless, all its character traits are still present and they must now fit in with the new expectations of the modern dog. Nearly everyone wants a dog that is smart, friendly, and perfect with their children and other animals. For some dog breeds, it comes fairly easy; for others this can take some work. The Min Pin is a breed that has some expectations of its own and there are simply some places where the breed will do better than others.

The benefits of a toy breed are the need for very little space and low exercise requirements. This does not mean that the dog does not enjoy a good walk or a spirited game of fetch. However, those looking for a breed to jog with or to accompany them on long hikes will need to seek out a much different and larger option. Many owners agree that they are often surprised at the depth of their Min Pin's need to explore. Their inquisitiveness, if not handled properly, is often what lands them in the most trouble. Giving the Min Pin's mind, something to do is just as crucial as making sure it gets the correct amount of exercise.

When properly socialized from the beginning by a responsible owner, the Min Pin can get along wonderfully with other dogs whether in their own home or out in public. This is also true of other animals when the breed is introduced in the imprinting stages of puppyhood. It can take a certain amount of energy to help older dogs acclimate to a household with other animals in it. When this is the case, all animals should meet for the first time on neutral ground. As a born ratter, the breed retains its inherent trait to chase after small scurrying animals. Hamsters, gerbils, and other like pets should be kept behind closed doors as a Min Pin is very adept at getting what it wants when it wants it.

The Min Pin has enough energy to keep up with a houseful of children, but there should be specific guidelines on respecting the limits and boundaries of all dogs, no matter what the breed. The Min Pin is one that loves interaction but definitely knows when it has had enough. A child who continues to pester a Min Pin after it has decided to move on to other things is likely to earn him or herself a sharp indignant bark or a nip. Although quite stout for a toy breed, children need to know a Min Pin is still a small dog that cannot be handled roughly. Injuring the breed can be much easier than it seems.

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Your Lifestyle, Your Children, Your Other Animals and the Miniature Pinscher
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