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Welsh Terriers

Aliases: Old English Terrier

Welsh Terrier For Sale

Complaints about the Welsh Terrier

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Tags: Welsh Terrier, Behavior

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Welshies seem to be a favorite among dog enthusiasts; they are very intelligent dogs and do well with children, if properly trained. They are quite willing to please and love their family. Many people who must often leave the dog at home during work and/or school hours report that, if properly trained, the Welsh Terrier doesn't find it difficult to remain alone for extended periods of time; as long as he is exercised sufficiently when his family is home, he is a well-balanced, well-behaved dog. Despite these positive opinions of the breed, though, there are still some complaints regarding the Welshie.

For one, the Welshie is a terrier and has many of the typical terrier traits, including a VERY active personality; they have a tendency to bark, chase anything that moves and be very bossy. Especially if they are not properly trained, they can be feisty, stubborn, impulsive and very intense to have around the house. Because of their incredible amounts of energy, you have to make sure that you are able to provide both physical and mental stimulation for your Welshie. They are very intelligent and love to use their minds; giving them fun games to play will keep them occupied and out of trouble. Giving them the opportunity to work off some energy will tire them out a bit so that they are much calmer in the house. Many Welsh Terrier owners suggest involving your Welshie in agility, an earth dog club, or something of that nature; if you don't have time to do this, you should reconsider getting a Welsh Terrier.

Though Welshies are much friendlier towards others dogs compared to most terrier breeds, they still have that terrier toughness that will not allow them to back down from a fight if provoked; and sometimes it doesn't take much to provoke them. Their tendency to chase anything that moves can also be a problem if you or your neighbors own cats; it could also be a problem if you own other small pets, such as guinea pigs or rabbits. This love of the chase coupled with their high level of intelligence often leads Welshies to devising ingenious ways off your property. You will need to get fences high enough to deter your Welshie from jumping or climbing over them. Many Welshie owners also suggest sinking fences deep into the ground as Welsh Terriers, like all terriers, love to dig.

Training Welsh Terriers requires a firm, consistent hand, as they are quite stubborn, like most terriers. They have tough personalities, bred into them to help them survive fighting vicious vermin, which can prove quite daunting for the first time Welshie owner to deal with. They can assume very dominant behaviors and you must show them that you're the boss to have any hope of properly training them. When it comes to putting your hands on a terrier for correction purposes, you must be VERY careful; because they were bred to fight back when their vermin prey became vicious, terriers have a tendency of snapping and biting when they feel threatened. Lastly, the Welshie coat needs quite a bit of grooming to avoid matting and so if you don't have the time or resources to tend to this type of coat, you should think about getting a different breed.

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Complaints about the Welsh Terrier
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