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Chinese Cresteds

Aliases: Powder Puff Chinese Crested, Hairless Chinese Crested, Chinese Royal Dog

Chinese Crested For Sale

Chinese Crested Temperament

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Tags: Chinese Crested, Behavior, Temperament


We have 1 Male puppy left He is a 13 week old Afghan hound Poodle. He Has all of his shots up to date along with worming and has been started on house…


Marshall, TX

Afghan Hound

Regardless of breed, a dog's temperament is only what can usually be expected of the dog if raised properly in a healthy environment and if the dog is devoid of any defects. Some puppy mills resort to inbreeding with purebred dogs, leading to serious temperament and health issues in the resulting animals. While the following serves as a general idea of what you can usually expect, it is by no means a guarantee. Any potential dog owner is advised to do their own personal research into the breeder, any previous owners the dog might have had, the dog's pedigree and whether or not there's a history of abuse or negligence. The owner should also spend some time with the dog before adoption so as to make sure they're making the right choice and entering into a relationship with a positive future.

In terms of temperament, the Chinese Crested is probably most well known for their tendency to be playful, affectionate and bounding with energy. The dog will certainly grow unhappy if neglected regular attention and exercise, but luckily, the breed is also known as something of a family dog, usually being equally attached to everyone he or she lives with and generally having no real favorite, so these duties can be divided up without risking feelings of estrangement, as long as attention is given on a regular basis.

Despite this, some Chinese Cresteds might wind up selecting a favorite. Their favorite will, of course, be the family member with whom they feel the safest and most cared for. Unlike with some breeds, though, this usually is not accompanied by any real feelings of hostility of shyness around their less favored family members. This isn't really a trouble spot, though, as the only noticeable change in the dog after choosing a favorite is that they will prioritize that person when seeking affection. In their favorite's absence, they are not expected to become unhappy or distrusting.

Issues with grumpiness are exceptionally rare with the breed. The male of the species, however, can occasionally develop some minor aggression issues in their old age, but, unless they've suffered from abuse, will almost never grow violent or mean, rather, they can sometimes be expected to become just a bit possessive and pushy. Unfortunately, it would seem that there's no sure-fire way to prevent this problem, but luckily, this aggression tends to be more cute than problematic.

And lastly, the breed is known to have a bit of a tendency towards being unusually timid or fearful. This is easily countered by conditioning the dog to being comfortable around people and larger animals in the first few months, of course. Simply introduce the puppy to their new family and keep them in company with one another and any problems with shyness will be squashed early in life, sidestepping the possibility of having to call in a therapist years later.

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Chinese Crested Temperament
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