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Training Issues with the Chinese Crested

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Tags: Chinese Crested, Training, Obedience, Behavior




montebello, CA


Any current or would be Chinese Crested dog trainer, regardless of whether they're training a Hairless or Powderpuff, needs to remember one thing above all: Consistency, consistency, consistency. The breed is known as gentle, sensitive and intelligent, and to instill faith and obedience in the dog, the trainer must, absolutely, be consistent. In training the Chinese Crested, something that results in punishment must always result in punishment, something that results in reward must always result in reward. The breed's unusual sensitivity absolutely insisist upon a gentle owner who will provide a dependable atmosphere, rather than an erratic schedule of inconsistent treatment or a constantly changing environment.

The Chinese Crested dog will do just fine in a smaller apartment. Being a smaller breed, they obviously don't need as much room as many other dogs would. Regular playtime is a must, as well, emphasis on regular. The dog can become lethargic or feel neglected if not given active, daily attention and regular exercise.

When playing outdoors, the Chinese Crested owner should take special care to protect the dog from harsh conditions. Both varieties require this consideration, but the Hairless are especially prone to discomfort in extreme temperature. Taking a Hairless outdoors in the hot sun shouldn’t even be considered unless the owner has some sunscreen on hand. Taking the Hairless out in extreme cold is ill-advised and even borders on abuse. Of course, once this has been taken into consideration, the breed is known for their stellar competence at physically demanding obedience games and the breed doesn't need much more room than a medium sized front or back yard will provide.

The breed has a tendency towards extreme timidness. It is most certainly recommended that any Chinese Crested is thoroughly socialized in their earliest months, or else the owner risks a dog that is fearful and distrusting of strangers or even family members. However, if properly socialized, the breed can be as friendly as any, doing very well with children and neighbors. Although one should always keep in mind that, while a particular breed may be suitable company for children, a full grown dog's mentality is roughly that of a five year old child, and so, a small child is not a sufficient trainer for any dog. While a child's help in caring for and playing with the dog is certainly recommended and preferred, any dog will require an adult for their education and training in order to fully develop, mentally, emotionally and physically.

While the breed may require an unusual amount of care when it comes to grooming, much of the above advice is the norm for any dog breed and the Chinese Crested isn't considered especially high-maintenance in this regard.

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Training Issues with the Chinese Crested
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