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Rottweilers and Their "Tough Image"

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Tags: Rottweiler, Family Breeds, Behavior

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The Rottweiler is one of the best guarding breeds around today. When you mention the word "Rottweiler" it automatically conjures up an image of a tough, powerful and aggressive dog. So is this "tough" image deserved?

How the Rottweiler Got its Tough Image

The Rottweiler as a breed has always had a certain tough image. In the past the breed was used to herd cattle and to watch over herds so that nothing could get to them. It had to be hardy, energetic and confident enough to scare away any potential threats to the land and the animals. So it was always seen as a strong and powerful breed.

These days however the tough image that the Rottweiler has is generally down to a lot of careless owners. The media is mainly to blame for the extreme tough image that the Rottweiler has been given too with various full page stories of Rottweilers attacking children and in some cases even killing them. This has created a fear surrounding the breed and many people even want to see the Rottweiler become extinct. They believe that the breed itself is an untrustworthy one which needs to be watched at all times. However, is this really the case?

If a Rottweiler is brought up with children and if they are trained properly from a young age then there is no reason why they would not get on with people. In fact, the Rottweiler generally loves children and they love nothing more than to spend time with their young companions. They watch over them, they play with them and they overall like the child's company. So in that respect their tough image is not so deserved. Plenty of people keep Rottweilers as family pets and they have never had a problem with the dogs.

However the Rottweiler does have a natural guarding instinct. When strangers approach them they can react in a really negative way. People see this and they automatically assume that the breed as a whole is a dangerous one. Granted they can be potentially very dangerous, but only in the wrong hands.

The tough image that the Rottweiler has come to be known for is generally down to poor ownership. Owners who purchase their Rottweiler puppies and let them do whatever they want to do. Due to the fact that they are determined to guard things, they do need firm handling right from the beginning. This will help to shape the dog's behavior and help to show it what is expected of it. Without guidance the Rottweiler will follow its instincts as it will feel that it has to protect you and your home.

Overall Rottweilers are a guarding breed which generally means that they do have a stronger tendency to be "tougher" than some other breeds. However, with the right handling they can make superb family pets and they are usually extremely gentle with children too.

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Rottweilers and Their "Tough Image"
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