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Tags: Gastritis, Health Problems, Health, Medical

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Gastritis literally means the inflammation of the stomach. There are many causes for gastritis and most commonly occur when cats do not properly digest their food. They could:

  • Ingest foreign objects such as string and paper that would cause trauma to the stomach

  • Ingest bad or spoiled food from the garbage and other places especially if they are feral cats. This food turns into bacterial toxins

  • Ingest toxins from eating plants

  • Ingest drugs like aspirin which can prove lethal to a cat

  • Acquire allergies to certain food

  • Overeat, change diet, or eat too much fatty foods

  • Other Causes for Gastritis unrelated to food include:

  • Tumors in the stomach or other areas of the body

  • The occurrence of gastritis caused by other diseases such as kidney or liver failure

  • As a result of feline parvovirus and infectious enteritis virus

  • Parasites such as roundworm or ringworm that feeds off the host cat

  • Expulsion of hairballs

  • Symptoms

    Vomiting refers to the expulsion of the small intestine and stomach content that comes out through the mouth.

    Acute Gastric will cause vomiting which starts and ends rapidly. It usually happens because your cat has eaten something that did not agree with it.

    In Chronic Gastric vomiting will last over a period of time and is usually a symptom of a more serious condition or disease such as Kidney disease.

    Chronic Superficial Gastritis is a condition caused by infiltration of lymphocytes in the cellular lining of the stomach. This condition can result in lesions.

    Chronic Atrophic Gastritis is a condition whereby the stomach glands are reduced in numbers and shrink in size. The lining of the mucosa thins out as well.

    Chronic Hypertrophic Gastritis is a thickening of the stomach mucosa. Ulcers can appear along with stomach obstructions.

    Eosinophilic Gastritis is known as feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It will cause diarrhea as well as vomiting. The cause is not known at present but it is believed to occur as an allergic reaction to certain foods.

    Vomit is comprised of clear slippery fluid secreted by the epithelial cells known as mucous. It will be mixed with bile which is a yellowish, or green fluid substance that is secreted by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. Bile aids in the digestion of foods. Sometimes the vomit may also include blood. When blood is present in the vomit it is a brown color. Your cat can vomit whether or not it has been eating.

    Gastritis or stomach infections can affect the upper intestines and that means your cat may also suffer from diarrhea.


    Gastritis will be determined by an examination of your cat by the veterinarian. The veterinarian will also do a biopsy (tissue sample) of the stomach lining to confirm diagnosis.

    Treatment would include:

  • Removing the cat's food for 24 hours,

  • Giving the cat Lectade which is an oral rehydration therapy instead of water

  • Changing the cat's food to a low calorie low fiber diet

  • Prognosis

    Gastritis can be uncomfortable but not life threatening. Your cat may require just a more refined diet to subdue the pain and vomiting. However gastritis may be an indication of a more serious underlying condition that can prove life threatening if not attended to in time. As a precaution see your veterinarian immediately if you cat is vomiting for more than 48 hours.

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