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Finnish Spitzs

Aliases: Suomenpystykorva, Finsk Spets, Loulou Finnoi

Finnish Spitz For Sale

Disorders in the Finnish Spitz - Inherited and Others

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Tags: Finnish Spitz, Health, Health Problems

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The Finnish Spitz are basically a healthy breed of dog and do not suffer from many of the ailments common with other breeds.

However, there are certain diseases which can afflict this breed of dogs, though the incidence is relatively quite less.

The most significant category of disorders for the Finnish Spitz are those that are believed to occur on an inheritance basis. In other words, these disorders are known to have a predilection for this breed. This in turn implies that such disorders generally occur more commonly in this breed, as compared to other breeds or against the overall dog population.

The most common disorders suffered by the Finnish Spitz breed of dog include:

1. Diabetes mellitus
This is basically a disruption of the body's ability to use carbohydrates or sugars. Some dogs seem to have a genetic predisposition to the destruction by the immune system of the insulin-producing cells, while in some of the Finnish Spitz, there are less severe genetic-based changes in the cells that might make the dog more vulnerable to this disorder.

2. Hip dysplasia
Hip dysplasia is one of the most common inherited orthopedic disorders occurring in the Finnish Spitz breed of dogs. This condition basically occurs when there is a loose fit in the hip joint and the ligaments which help them hold together are loose.

3. Shaker Dog Syndrome
This disorder might occur all of a sudden in the Finnish Spitz breed of dogs. In this condition, the dog experiences a diffuse tremor of the entire body, which might be caused due to a generalized neurotransmitter deficiency owing to an autoimmune reaction.

4. Basset hound thrombopathia
This is basically a disorder of small blood cells known as platelets or thrombocytes. These platelets play a very important role at many of the stages of the body's response to any injury that causes bleeding.

In this particular condition, these platelets do not respond normally to the activation signals that occur following injury to a blood vessel. Hence, the Finnish Spitz suffering from this disorder becomes more susceptible to bruising and hemorrhage.

5. Epilepsy
This is basically a hereditary disorder. A Finnish Spitz suffering from epilepsy can manage to live a fairly normal life, but cannot be involved in other common activities such as showing at contests or breeding.

6. Elbow Dysplasia
This is basically a developmental disorder of the bones and is associated with the elbow joint. It is widely accepted as genetic in nature and can occur in multiple levels of intensity.

7. Patellar Luxation
The patella or the kneecap is a small bone guarding the joint. Fit in a groove in the femur, this patella is held in place by a combination of ligaments and muscles. If this bone slips out of its position due to any injury, poor alignment or weak ligaments, it can lead to a condition known as patellar luxation.

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Disorders in the Finnish Spitz - Inherited and Others
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