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Australian Terrier Weird Facts Did You Know?

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Tags: Australian Terrier, Origin, Weird Facts

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Here are some interesting, some fun, and some just plain weird facts about Australian Terriers and other dogs.

Did you know that they developed Australian terriers to help farmers protect their livestock and produce? These brave, tenacious, determined, energetic little dogs have worked for centuries controlling mice, rats, snakes, foxes, and other predators for their owners. Before the nineteenth century, they bred Australian terriers to increase traits and abilities that were useful such as digging up burrows and dens, barking to scare out the rodents or inhabitants, and sometimes killing their quarry.

Did you know that Bluey, an Australian cattle dog was the world's oldest dog? His owner got him in 1910 as a puppy and he lived to be almost twenty nine and a half.

Did you know that Australian terriers and other dog breeds favor their left or right paw so are either left handed or right handed?

Did you know that many people believe that dogs have a "second-sight" ability? There is evidence that supports some theories such as when his owner is ill, a dog howls when the person passes away. If you hear a dog barking first thing in the morning, many think that is a sign of bad luck or misfortune. Many believe that a dog howling at an open door is a death omen or howling three times and stopping marks the actual moment of death.

Did you know that original fossils of dogs found date back to over ten thousand BC?

Did you know that dogs, including the Australian terrier, are able to see colors? People used to believe that dogs were colorblind but they actually do see colors, just not as vividly as humans do. It is very similar to your twilight vision.

Did you know that according to the Guinness World Records, a male Lhasa apso named Word spent eight years and one hundred and ninety days in a Seattle Animal Control Shelter? After two biting incidents, on May 4, 1993, they sentenced Word to death but they released him he on November 10, 2001.

Did you know that your Australian terrier dreams? Nobody knows what dogs dream of but researchers believe that dogs actually do dream.

Did you know that many healthcare practitioners recommend their patients get an Australian terrier or other breed of dog? Studies have shown that owning a dog lowers your blood pressure, relieves tension, and has actually helped sick people get well sooner.

Did you know that C. S. Lewis, the author of the novels The Chronicles of Narnia, owned a small dog named "Jacksie" when he was very young? His little dog died in an accident when C. S. Lewis was only four. He started calling himself "Jacksie" after his dog and became known as "Jack" for the remainder of his life by his family and friends.

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Australian Terrier Weird Facts Did You Know?
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