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Where the Bedlington Terrier is Happiest

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Tags: Bedlington Terrier, Behavior

Handsome Parti Boy



Oskaloosa, IA

Miniature Schnauzer

The happy Bedlington Terrier is the one that never runs out of anything to do. They were bred for work and they will always expect that there be a task somewhere that needs their expertise. If not, they are likely to become high strung and snappish. As with all dogs, anxiety can also result in loud barking, chewing, or digging. A satisfied Bedlington is well mannered, calm, and feels no need to be the center of attention. Though they are somewhat small, they never hesitate to take on the largest task. The breed was once used for everything from pit fighting to water retrieving; therefore, there is very little they won't take on.

Though they love being outdoors, a happy Bedlington does best in an indoor environment. They are an independent minded animal that has no problems fending for themselves but only at times when they are not being included as part of the family; something they will expect just on general principle. When kept in an apartment size dwelling, owners would do best to find a secured area where their Bedlington can run off leash. In general, the breed has a habit of taking off and only returning when it feels the presence of mind to do so. This can lead to them getting lost, hurt or worse. The busy dog will do great with older children, as they may be the only ones who have the energy to keep up with the breed.

The Bedlington Terrier is a pack animal that can do well with other dogs if raised with them from the very beginning. Many owners opt to have two Bedlingtons; one male and one female to help keep disagreements to a minimum. However, when the Bedlington is the only dog, he or she is perfectly content to consider its human family as their pack. A happy Bedlington is one that has responsible owners who understand the importance of pack order and establishes it early in the dog's life. This cuts down on power struggles and other behaviors that can sometimes make it hard to bond with a dog altogether.

As the Bedlington can sometimes suffer separation anxiety, many owners choose to crate train their dog. As an added bonus for the breed, the Bedlington Terrier is one of the few will that naturally take to crate training. Back in their day as working dogs, the Bedlington was often left to itself to find shelter and would do so in nearby burrows or dens. Crate training can actually provide a strong sense of familiarity and security for the breed and cut down on destructive behaviors. It also means the dog can be transported easily and safely whenever necessary.

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Where the Bedlington Terrier is Happiest
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