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What to Look for When Choosing a Bedlington Terrier

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Tags: Bedlington Terrier, Health, Behavior

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As the Bedlington Terrier is not a particularly common breed, it can be rather difficult to tell what to look for when it comes time to pick one out. For the most part, the breed looks like a small lamb; but there are special traits that should and should not be found on a Bedlington. While determining these things can be very important if one is looking to breed their dog, they are also important to ensure that the dog will not have any severe health problems in the future. From stance, to head shape, to its curly coat, all have certain characteristics that make a Bedlington Terrier a Bedlington Terrier.

The most striking characteristic of the Bedlington Terrier is its distinctive head. Unlike other dog breeds that have a muzzle, the line from their nose to their forehead remains completely unbroken giving the Bedlington its lamblike appearance. Just as much, the head should remain uniform and slender with no heavy cheeks or jowls. The almond shaped eyes of the Bedlington are deep set but rather high up, though not quite level with the top of the ear. Last but not least, the Bedlington should have their trademark topknot that begins at their crown and narrows as it moves toward their nose. This topknot it typically lighter than other parts of the body.

The Bedlington Terrier's back is noticeably arched, just as it would be in breeds such as the Greyhound or Whippet. Bedlingtons also have a very deep chest that moves nicely up into a thin waist. Their hindquarters are full of lean, balanced muscle. Their back legs are somewhat longer than the front to help power the quick sprints they are so partial to. Though the breed's body has much in the way of strength, they are a very lean dog. From chasing down rabbits to retrieving waterfowl, the Bedlington was bred to be a multipurpose dog that could handle many different tasks. They are simply a naturally fit breed of canine.

The healthy Bedlington Terrier carries itself well and is confident but never arrogant. Their gentle gaze is just another trait that lends to their lamblike demeanor. Though they live to be on the go and take part in a number of activities, the Bedlington should show no nervous tension or hypersensitivity. They are an original pack animal that enjoys and expects to be involved with their owner. Each Bedlington is bound to have his or her own personality traits and while some are wary of strangers, others are quite welcoming. Those who opt for this breed will need to be able to provide not only good physical exercise but plenty of mental stimulation as well.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Bedlington Terrier
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