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Caring for an Australian Terrier with Diabetes

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Tags: Australian Terrier, Health Problems, Routine, Exercise

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Common symptoms of diabetes in your Australian terrier include increased thirst and water consumption and excessive, frequent urination. Despite an increased appetite, weight loss may happen. Your dog could also have vision problems due to cataracts. Even if a dog's diabetes in carefully controlled and treated, many dog's go blind. There eye lenses turn white, no light passes through, and so the cataracts prevent your dog from seeing. Because your dog has diabetes, cataract development is almost unavoidable and this cannot be reversed. Fortunately, blind dogs seem to have no problem getting around places they are familiar with such as his home and yard. Type 1 diabetes is what just about all diabetic dogs have, meaning that the dog's pancreas produces no insulin. The terrier's blood glucose level rises as the cells starve because the cells cannot use the glucose in the dog's bloodstream.

Diagnosing this condition is extremely important, so if you notice changes in your Australian terrier's physical appearance or behavior, take him to your veterinarian. He or she will give your dog a thorough physical examination including urine and blood tests to find out if your pet is diabetic. If your Australian terrier does have diabetes, your veterinarian will recommend and explain the course of treatment necessary for your dog. Usually a diabetic dog needs one or two insulin injections daily to help control his blood glucose levels and close monitoring of their terriers glucose level. Some veterinarians also recommend regular exercise and diet or a combination of a special diet and oral medication. With practice, patience, and your veterinarians instructions, giving your Australian terrier his insulin injections is not difficult.

Caring for your Australian terrier with diabetes takes commitment and dedication but is also a very fulfilling experience. You will receive as much love, enjoyment, and companionship from your diabetic dog as any other pet. Because your terrier has diabetes, this does not mean his life span will be significantly shorter than a healthy dog. Developing and maintaining a great relationship with your dog's veterinarian is important. Your dogs vet can help you understand your terrier's diabetes, explain treatment plans, and answer any questions you have about your pet's condition. A diabetic identification tag on your terriers color is a great idea in case he becomes lost.

Developing a consistent routine for your diabetic Australian terrier and following it will help you learn and understand your dogs' normal behavior, reduce mistakes, and spot signs of a hypoglycemic attack. Some people find keeping a daily journal, recording the terrier's insulin injections, activity levels, behavior and diet, help them understand and control their pet's diabetes. If you are going out with your dog, always carry sugar such as honey, corn syrup, or even raw sugar, in case of a hypoglycemic attack. Although there is no cure for your Australian terrier's diabetes, it does not have to be overwhelming or life threatening. With a lot of love, patience, and consistent treatment, your diabetic terrier can live many years as a healthy, happy, affectionate, normal dog.

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Caring for an Australian Terrier with Diabetes
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