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Italian Greyhounds

Aliases: Piccolo Levrierio Italiano, IG, Iggy, I.G.

Italian Greyhound For Sale

The Italian Greyhound - Male or Females?

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Tags: Italian Greyhound, Behavior, Housebreaking, Training

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Getting an Italian Greyhound is a big decision, just as it would be with any dog. Before you decide to get this dog, however, you should be prepared to devote a lot of time to your dog as the Italian Greyhound is a very demanding, sometimes spoiled dog, that loves to be the center or your attention at all times.

After deciding on the Italian Greyhound as your breed of choice, your next decision will be if you want to give a home to an older dog or start with a puppy. If you are unfamiliar with this particular breed, I suggest you get a small puppy. Although puppies are a real handful, they are easier to train and work with when their little than an older dog that has some habits already set in their personality. This is especially true with this breed, which is already known for being stubborn.

Another big decision is always if you want to get a male or female. Years ago, this was a very easy decision. If you wanted to have puppies, you got a female. If you didn't think you would ever want puppies, you would get a male. Not much thought was ever given to the choice otherwise. There are now many more considerations that prospective owners have to think about now before making a decision. Each breed of dog may be slightly different as far as personality traits are concerned, so you can also speak with breeders of Italian Greyhound dogs if you have a lot of questions or concerns about the genders beyond what you are learning here.

The male Italian Greyhound tends to be friendlier than the female, who has been described on occasion as "stuck up". The females are more independent than males, too. Some feel that this is because they are used to taking care of themselves as well as their young, so they don't have the needs that males do. Males seem to enjoy cuddling up next to you and being petted and treated as lap dogs. Most owners of both genders have said that males are more affectionate as well as enjoying being next to you more than females. Keep in mind that if more than one Italian Greyhounds live in your home, it will be the female that will always be the boss. This is a given.

At times housebreaking has been an issue with the Italian Greyhounds, but it does appear that the male dog is easier to housebreak than the female as well as quicker to learn it.

If you think you will want to breed in the future, you may want to get a female Italian Greyhound. On the other hand, you may want a male if you plan to use him as a stud. Both decisions shouldn't be made until you are prepared for the responsibilities of breeding. Both genders make wonderful pets with the proper love and care.

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The Italian Greyhound - Male or Females?
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