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Giant Schnauzers

Aliases: Riesen Schnauzer, Munich Schnauzer, Russian Bear Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer For Sale

Devotion of a Giant Schnauzer

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Tags: Giant Schnauzer, Behavior

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There are few things in life as awe inspiring as the devotion of a Giant Schnauzer to his master. This is a dog that forms such a strong bond that he will always remain loyal even at his own expense.
When a Giant Schnauzer is a puppy, it is their ambition to test you in every way over and over. To the Giant Schnauzer, it is up to the owner to conform to their way of life and not the responsibility of the Giant Schnauzer to make nay adjustments in their way of thinking. If you are expecting anything different, it will only be a waste of your time! However, once they have learned to love you, they will be loving and loyal, and even dote upon you. They will want to be with you every waking hour!
They love to be with their owner at all times and will devotedly follow them absolutely anywhere. There are no sacred places when you have a Giant Schnauzer! It is advised that you lock the bathroom door behind you when you enter, or they will even find their way in there to be with you! Simply shutting the door is not enough. The Giant Schnauzer will use his bright intellect and figure out how to open the door. It is almost a compulsive need that they have to be within the same proximity of you at all times. They will smother you with their disregard for your comfort zone and entrance within your personal "bubble"! Their invasion of your personal space and time is what keeps them truly happy and well adjusted.
They will even be content to just watch television with you as long as that is what you are choosing to do. If the Giant Schnauzer could get away with being a lap dog, that is where you would find them! It may indeed take some rather strong convincing that indeed they are not a dog that belongs in your lap! They truly crave your attention and contact that much!
While the Giant Schnauzer is open and friendly with his owner, the opposite can be true with strangers. They are tremendously protective of their owners. They will immediately take action against anyone they deem a threat to their owner or family. They will do this without regard for their own safety.
As the Giant Schnauzer is so protective, he will need to be afforded many opportunities for socialization. He will need to be taught that there are some people outside of your family that are to be considered friends. He will need lots of exposure to various people and firm instruction in order to learn the difference! You don't want him to bite someone you consider to be a friend. This could cause a strain on your relationship with this person that doesn't need to be there.
If you let him, the Giant Schnauzer will monopolize your time and energy. He is truly a dedicated and devoted friend that you can always count on to love you and will expect the same love and devotion in return.

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Devotion of a Giant Schnauzer
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