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Miniature Schnauzers

Aliases: Zwergschnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer For Sale

Miniature Schnauzers, Docked or Undocked Ears

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Miniature Schnauzers have cute little ears and many owners aren't concerned if they are cropped or uncropped. In the United States, they are cropped with the purpose, besides appearance, to make them stand upright. However, in the United Kingdom , ear cropping is illegal.

If the ears are left uncropped, they are v-shaped and will fold close to the skull. Many miniature Schnauzer owners like this look on the dog and feel it gives them a cute natural appearance and the Schnauzer is known for being cute. When they are going to be cropped, they need to look identical in length and shape with pointed tips. They also need to be set high on the head, totally in balance with the head and not overly long in length. The outer edges of the ear can't have any more bell in them than possible.

If the ears are going to be cropped, the procedure should take place after they are 9 weeks old and no longer afraid. Many breeders will have their miniature Schnauzers cropped before they sell them to make sure the procedure is done and done correctly. Many people don't realize this, but ear cropping is surgery and all surgeries should be done by a licensed veterinarian.

Occasionally breeders or owners of the miniature Schnauzer will choose not to crop the dog's ears but they manually tape them instead. They prefer this procedure because it is relatively easy and painless for the puppy. It can be done when the puppy is six to eight weeks old. A special adhesive needs to be used to glue the ears. Breeders sometimes do this on their own; however, if you are inexperienced in this procedure, you should get assistance from a veterinarian. If it's not done correctly, the air may not be able to circulate properly and the puppy may not be able to hear. These types of situations can cause permanent damage to an otherwise perfect puppy.

Once the puppy's ears are taped or glued, they should be left this way until he is at least 5 months old and his permanent teeth are in. The first taping or gluing should come off after a couple weeks so the ears can be cleaned and trimmed. The taping or gluing can then be reset again. The reason for doing this at five months of age is that when they lose their baby teeth, their ears usually become floppy again for a short period until their permanent teeth are all in.

A cropped dog is easier to show and does have a nice appearance. Whether you choose to show or not, cropping is still a matter of personal choice.

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Miniature Schnauzers, Docked or Undocked Ears
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